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First things, First Do you belong in here? – 10 – 12 – Comp. Discovery or Keyboard/Comp Apps – Do you have any experience with Web Page Design?????

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3 First things, First Do you belong in here? – 10 – 12 – Comp. Discovery or Keyboard/Comp Apps – Do you have any experience with Web Page Design?????

4 Let’s get to know the Language of Web Page Design…. I.T. – Information Technologies – It, I.T., Info tech, and many other names…

5 HTML Hypertext Markup Language


7 Everyday Everywhere Gather Analyze Use To make decisions and to communicate

8 So, just what is “the Internet”

9 Uh, what is Network? A group of two or more computers connected to share information and resources.

10 We need a backbone! A collection of high-speed data lines that connect major computer systems located around the world. (Internet Backbone)

11 Ever heard….ISP and wonder??? ISP – internet service provider…a company that has a permanent connection to the internet backbone. Hughesnet Verizon back bone AT&TComcast

12 But did you know? Nearly 650 MILLION people in 240 countries connect to the internet. WOW that’s a bunch of peeps

13 WWW or web Is the part of the internet that supports multimedia and consists of a collection of linked documents Visit: and click history

14 HTTP ever wondered? Just what is HTTP? Hypertext transfer protocol – is a set of rules for exchanging text, graphics, sound, video and other multimedia files.

15 Web Pages The linked documents or pages of information on the web.

16 Web Site A related collection of Web pages that is created and maintained by an individual company, educational institution, or other organization.

17 Home Page Each web site contains a home page which is the first document users see when they access the web site.

18 Web Server (or host) Web pages are stored on a web server or host which is a computer that stores and sends requested web pages and other files.

19 Publishing Is copying web pages and other files to a web server.

20 3 Types of Websites and Purposes! Internet Anyone » Public Share information!!

21 Intranet – Employees – Private Share information

22 Extranet – Select business partners – Private Share information

23 Electronic commerce E-commerce buying and selling of goods and services on the internet

24 Web Browser Browser – is a program that interprets and displays web pages and enables you to view and interact with a web page

25 Uniform Resource Located (URL) is the address of a document or other files accessible on the internet

26 Hyper who?? Text what? You mean I have to learn another language? Well, in a way You have to tell the computer what you want from it.

27 Hyperlink (link) is an element used to connect one web page to another on the same or different web server located anywhere in the world.

28 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) authoring language used to create documents on the WWW.

29 HTML Uses a special language called Tags or Markup to define the structure and layout of a web document

30 HTML is Platform Independent Meaning….you can create, or code, an HTML file on one type computer and then use a browser on another type computer to view that file as a web page

31 W3C World Wide Web (3w’s) Consortium Ok, great. But what does consortium mean? An association with banks or corporations that require vast resources.

32 Style (you got it!) Or look of a web page

33 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) you write code that allows you to control an element within a single web page Simply making a change within a single web page or throughout an entire web site. Such as headline

34 Dynamic HTML DHTML describes a combination of HTML tags, CSS and scripting language

35 TOOLS! Text editor: a program that allows a user to enter, change, save, and print text.

36 HTML editor A program that provides basic text editing functions

37 MS Word MS Word has a feature that is save as web page – it converts word document into HTML file

38 WYSIWYG (wizzywig) meaning “What you see is what you get”

39 Web Development Life Cycle You must plan analyze design & develop test implement maintain

40 Understanding 508 guidelines? Accessibility – Creating a web site that is accessible to all users allows your web site to reach the widest audience

41 Types of structures Linear – connects web pages in a straight line, should be read in a specific order

42 Hierarchical Connects web pages like a tree like structure; this works well on a site with a main index or table of contents page

43 Webbed This has no set organization Most web sites are a combination of all of these structures.

44 Broad Web Site The home page is the main index page and all others are linked individually to the home page

45 Deep Web Site One that has many levels of pages

46 Usability The measure of how well a product allows a user to accomplish his/her goals.

47 Log Is the file that lists all of the web pages that have been requested from the web site.

48 This concludes Project 1 terms Now, Let’s go to the computers and check out some web sites!!

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