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Hosted By Mrs. D 100 200 400 300 400 ABC D 300 200 400 200 100 500 100.

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2 Hosted By Mrs. D

3 100 200 400 300 400 ABC D 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 Row 1, Col 1 Gives rise to contractual obligations by some action or inaction without verbally expressed terms What is an implied contract?

5 1,2 What is an expressed contract? Actual agreement between the parties, the terms are stated in distinct and explicit language, either orally or in writing.

6 1,3 How are errors corrected in charts? These are corrected by drawing a line through the mistake, writing in the correction, dating the change, and signing your initials.

7 1,4 What does criminal law mean? This deals with offences against all citizens.

8 2,1 What is malpractice? Interpreted as “bad practice” and includes providing improper or unprofessional treatment or care that results in injury to the patient.

9 2,2 Unlawful touching of another person with out consent. What is battery?

10 2,3 What is false imprisonment? When a nurse restrains an individual or an individuals freedom

11 2,4 If information released is spoken What is slander?

12 3,1 If information released is written What is libel?

13 3,2 Physical, verbal, and sexual What are the types of abuse?

14 3,3 Who has legal disability? Minors, mentally incompetent persons, individuals under the influence of drugs that alter the mental state, and semi- or unconscious people.

15 3,4 What is a living will? A document that allows individuals to state what measures should or should not be taken to prolong life when their condition is terminal.

16 4,1 What does torts mean? It can be defined as a civil wrong committed against a person or property excluding breach of contract. From the French word “wrong”

17 4,2 What is negligence? Failure to take reasonable precautions to protect others from the risk of harm.

18 4,3 What is assault? Any willful attempt or threat to injure another person with the apparent ability to do so.

19 4,4 What is invasion of privacy? Unnecessary exposure of an individual or revealing personal information about an individual without consent.

20 5,1 What is defamation of character? Damaging a person’s name and reputation by making public statements that are false and malicious.

21 5,2 What are examples of physical abuse? Hitting, forcing persons against their will, restraining movements, depriving of food and water, or not providing physical care.

22 5,3 What are examples of verbal abuse? Talking harshly, swearing or shouting, teasing, ridiculing, or intimidating a person.

23 5,4 What is a durable power of attorney? A document that permits an individual to appoint another person to make any decision regarding health care if the principal is unable to make the decisions.

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