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Photography Class Composition. What makes a good picture?

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1 Photography Class Composition

2 What makes a good picture?

3 What determines the subject?

4 Composition Focus on one subject Backgrounds should not be busy Contrasts of color Ask why am I taking this Picture

5 Rule of Thirds

6 Examples of Rule Of Thirds

7 Rule of threes

8 Horizo n Line


10 Strong Rule of Thirds Photograph?

11 NO, not Rule of Thirds.


13 Balance Look for balance from side to side Balance of objects Balance of patterns Balance of light Balance of background


15 Lines Create Lines in your pictures Line up objects Lines create paths for the eye or subject Avoid lines that detract or extend subject Diagonal lines are powerful and dynamic Avoid clashing of lines



18 “S” lines sooth S shape line sooth the eye in a picture S lines signify the gentle road!


20 Patterns Look for pattern in you pictures They can create shapes or lines They can be symmetrical or Asymmetrical They can show path or direction


22 Framing Look for or create frames Frames can be of any shape Frames can conflict or harmonize Try to follow rules within frames




26 Find the picture Most pictures have three pictures in them Find the global view Find the intimate view Find the message




30 Balance & Things to Avoid This is an example of symmetrical or formal balance

31 Using Negative Space

32 Another Example AVOID THIS!

33 A full body shot Needs to include the Full Body

34 Greatness in the rules


36 Assignment #5 Rule Of Thirds This weeks assignment is to photograph one picture using the Rule Of Thirds. Composition is the key element. Placement of subject is critical. Content of photograph should be interesting and photographed using all skills you have gained so far. Create great images. Have fun and good luck. Rule of thirds_P#_LASTNAME.jpg

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