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Place Value with Decimals

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1 Place Value with Decimals
Chapter 1.2 Place Value with Decimals

2 How do I know what kind of decimal it is?
The name of a decimal is determined by the number of places to the right of the decimal point Number of Places Decimal Name Example 1 tenths 0.7 2 hundredths 0.05 3 thousandths 0.016

3 What are mixed decimals?
Mixed decimals are numbers with both whole numbers and decimals The name of a whole number is determined by the number of places to the left of the decimal point In the number , 1 is in the hundreds place, 2 is in the tens place, 8 is in the ones place, 7 is in the tenths place, 6 is in the hundredths place, and 5 is in the thousandths place

4 How do you read decimals?
To read a decimal correctly, first find the decimal point Whole numbers are to the left of the decimal point; any numbers to the right of a decimal point form a decimal fraction Say “and” for the decimal point The decimal is read as “two thousand, one hundred sixty-four and five hundred eleven thousandths”

5 Zeros after the decimal point
Writing extra zeros after the decimal point does not change the value! The decimals 0.2, 0.20, and are equivalent decimals

6 Practice Here are some practice problems in which I will work through with you to make sure that you understand the main concepts covered.

7 Exercise 1 Write the decimals. Five thousandths
Ninety-four thousandths Three hundred thirty-six and sixty-nine hundredths

8 Exercise 2 Write each decimal in words. 7884.011 5592.4 4.203 612.250

9 Exercise 3 In what place (on the place value chart) is the underlined digit? Write the answer. 1.475 3.763

10 Exercise 4 Write a decimal that has the same number. 0.2 5.51 410.6

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