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The Five Themes of Geography

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1 The Five Themes of Geography
How geographers look at the world Geography is the study of earth and its people.

2 Why study geography? To understand more about the changing world we live in To learn more about the people and cultures of the world so that we can better understand each other To evaluate the connection between the earth and those who live on it It is just another way to explain the world we live in.

3 What are the Five Themes of Geography?
The concepts or ideas that geographers use to study the world and the people that inhabit it. They are all connected Use all five themes to truly understand the geography of a place

4 Asks the question: Where is it?
Location Asks the question: Where is it? Here’s Madagascar!

5 Can be absolute location, which uses a system to find an exact spot on the earth.
Examples: latitude and longitude, street address with zip codes, GPS, map coordinates

6 My friend lives about two blocks south from me.
Can be relative location, which uses descriptions to find places on the earth. Example: I buy coffee at McDonalds on the same side of the street as Desert Foothills Park. My friend lives about two blocks south from me. Other examples?

7 Place Asks: What are the characteristics of a location?
Describes what it is like there For example: How would you describe the physical and human features of the Foothills? Any other ideas?

8 Can be physical features
Climate – temperature, rainfall, arid Landforms – plateaus, plains, desert Topography - elevation Flora - plants Fauna - animals Resources – copper, gemstones

9 Can be human characteristics
Such as population statistics, economic activities, religion, language, government

10 How do people, goods and ideas get from one place to another?
Movement How do people, goods and ideas get from one place to another?

11 Examples of movement Shipping products or goods between countries
Migration of people to new areas Buying clothes over the internet Flying overseas to visit your relatives Coming to school on the bus this morning Urban sprawl What are some other ideas?

12 Human Environment Interaction
To insert this slide into your presentation Save this template as a presentation (.ppt file) on your computer. Open the presentation that will contain the image slide. On the Slides tab, place your insertion point after the slide that will precede the image slide. (Make sure you don't select a slide. Your insertion point should be between the slides.) On the Insert menu, click Slides from Files. In the Slide Finder dialog box, click the Find Presentation tab. Click Browse, locate and select the presentation that contains the image slide, and then click Open. In the Slides from Files dialog box, select the image slide. Select the Keep source formatting check box. If you do not select this check box, the copied slide will inherit the design of the slide that precedes it in the presentation. Click Insert. Click Close. How do we use the earth? How have we changed the earth?

13 Examples of HEI Growing cotton in Arizona
Mining copper in Bisbee, Arizona Hiking up South Mountain Fishing on Canyon Lake Cars consuming gasoline and polluting the air Altadeña Middle School built out of brick Cutting down trees in the Rain Forest so homes can be built What are some other ideas?

14 Region How is this place similar to other places?
Are there common characteristics?

15 There are two different types of regions:
Physical characteristics –southwest region, Amazon Rainforest, Valley of the Sun, Chinatown, Middle East, Roman Empire, and desert Cultural characteristics – language ex. Spanish, religion ex. Buddhist, government ex. democracy, Regions can overlap!

16 Know these themes! Definitions Examples Questions they answer
We will use them throughout the year as we analyze the different areas of the world!

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