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I think the strongest person is….. Bethany Hamilton.

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1 I think the strongest person is….

2 Bethany Hamilton

3 She may seem like a normal girl to you but that’s how much looks can lie to you.

4 Only 13 Bethany was on her was to National Surf champ! She had a real passion for surfing. In October 2003 off the coast Hawaii, a 15ft tiger shark dragged Bethany off her board and bit off her arm. She lost 60% of her blood and had to make it through several surgeries. (Bethany in her hospital bed) (The shark that bit of Bethany’s arm) You may ask why do you think she is the strongest woman? Well here’s why?

5 After only a month of pain staking waiting, Bethany was finally allowed to surf again! In January 2004 Bethany returned surfing competitions and won 5 th in the Open Women’s division of that contest. Just over a year after the attack she took 1st place in the Explorer Women’s division of the 2005 NSSA National Championships – winning her first National Title!

6 She is now 21 and still surfing. Also helping others be as strong as she was trying to live a new kind of life. They even made a book and movie about her. In the movie Soul Surfer Bethany was played by AnnaSophia Robb.

7 Why is she is the strongest woman to me? Because she is Passionate and Determined. She put aside her looks and appearances and lived still Helping people be as strong as her.


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