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EULANEST European – Latin American Network for Science and Technology Bringing together international scientific co-operation for development EULANEST.

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1 EULANEST European – Latin American Network for Science and Technology Bringing together international scientific co-operation for development EULANEST Luis Delgado. MEC-Spain Workshop ERA-NET as a tool for facilitating Cooperation between Ministries managing RTD programmes Brussels, 23 May 2006

2 Objectives to bring together the key EU MS funding international scientific co- operation (ISC) with LA. to create a network for ICS with third development countries, orienting S&T towards development to contribute to increase participation of LA countries in the future FP ERA-NET FOR LATIN AMERICA Ambition: At least one Joint Call announced at a European Conference on intenational scientific cooperation for development, to be organised during the third year of the project Consortium MEC, Spain. Co-ordinator GRICES. Portugal MAE, MENESR, IRD. France BMBF, IB-BMBF. Germany Research Council of Norway Observers: Holland, UK, FIN,.. EULANEST Board: ARG, CHILE, MEXICO, BRAZIL, URUGUAY

3 Tasks Mapping bilateral EU-LAC S&T programmes. Interactive Directory Programme Benchmarking Information Exchange on the Target Region and Needs Analysis Identification of barriers and options Programme design management and evaluation protocol Joint DB of Experts and Facilities Joint Action Plan.Pilot Demonstrator Launch a Joint Call Deliverables Overview of bilateral S&T Benchmarking Report (Best Practice) Report on legal/administrative/cultural barriers Workshops Joint call documents Work Programme

4 Contract negotiation finished Starting date: 1 st of July of 2006 Kick-off meeting in September Previous results from SSA INCONET: Survey of bilateral ISC of EU Member States Website Expanded Consortium Agreements with LAC members of the General Assembly of CYTED to join the EULANEST Board Contacts with the CSO of COST to use EULANEST as a bridge towards LAC Links with INCO part of the FP State of play CYTED Programme from the Iberoamerican Summit. Cooperation & Technology for Development. ES, PT + 19 LAC From basic research to RTD & TT, reducing the gap in S&T. More than 10.000 researchers COST European COoperation in the field of Scientific and Technical researchEuropean COoperation in the field of Scientific and Technical research –9 Scientific & Technical Domains –2006: 34 COST Member States + 1 cooperating state (Israel) –IO & RI from non-COST countries –The EC through the FP Concerted Actions (Networks) of nationally funded R&D projectsConcerted Actions (Networks) of nationally funded R&D projects

5 Lessons learned EU-LAC dialogue in S&T, but.. Rio Summit. June 1999. ALCUE´s Brasilia Action Plan for S&T Co-operation. A shared vision Declaration of Guadalajara. EU- LAC Knowledge Area. 16 bi-regional EU-LAC Group at Senior Official Level Communications from the Commission,.. Viena Summit. May 2006 Ok, but.... so far limited impact No specific INCO Programme FP6/FP7 No specific target area but included in a large DEV area (17 LAC out of 114) Limited participation of LAC entities in FP6 Lack of information and awareness on both sides on the new opportunities of IC under FPs Difficulties to drive a process that is bottom-up, driven by scientists & to understand the administrative procedures for LAC researchers INCO Specific Measures should be revised offering specific menus to specific groups of countries. Need to further promote co-ordination and co-operation activities at all levels: policy level, programme level and project level Policy level: Strategy to achieve sustained S&T Cooperation Agreements, supporting other EU policies: Foreing and Development Aid Programme level:Further coordination of national activities (ERA-NET) Project level: Further awareness on research funding opportunities, need of further support & assistance to proposers and participants

6 Give substance (resources, targets, follow-up) to EU – LAC S&T MoU Set up further fora for dialogue: Platforms to iclude all stakeholders EU-LAC Knowledge Area through specific instruments in FP7 and CIP Focus in areas that lead themselves to IC (i.e. global warming, natural disasters,..) Distinguish areas/regions/groups where participation may be of mutual interest (SP Co-operation, Ideas) from those where the requirements are needs driven (SP of Capacities) Take advantage of the location of EU regions (RUP´s) in the area Consider specific mechanisms: allocate funds, establish targets for LAC participation, specific calls,.. ways forward

7 Summary & Conclusions EULANEST will co-ordinate the national programmes of ISC with LA of the participants EU MS The ambition is to launch joint calls with specific activities targeted to satisfy S&T users (at both sites) needs and offers. EULANEST envisages to co- ordinate with EU INCO activities with LA EULANEST can become a valuable tool to build up the EU-LAC Knowledge Area Recover the momentum. The creation of the EU-LAC Knowledge Area must be in the Agenda of the 2006´ Viena Summit. Need to single out LAC from the group of Developing Countries within the INCO target countries Realistic actions and targets specific for each country or research group (mutual interest or needs driven) Promote S&T EU-LAC dialogue at policy level (Platforms, OMC) and programme level (ERA-NET) Adopt specific measures within FP7 and CIP to increase awareness and promote joint participation of EU MS and LAC entities

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