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Circulatory System Chapter 3, Lesson 1- by Shay Traywick.

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1 Circulatory System Chapter 3, Lesson 1- by Shay Traywick

2 What is the circulatory system?
The circulatory system moves materials around the body Think of it like your body’s “transportation system” The circulatory system moves food and oxygen to the cells and takes away the cells’ waste

3 What are the parts ? Heart Blood Blood vessels

4 What is blood made up of? Blood contains: Plasma Platelets
Red blood cells White blood cells

5 Plasma (in the blood!) The biggest part of your blood is a straw-colored liquid called Plasma: Carries food from digestive system to your cells Carries away cells’ waste Takes water to the cells Moves some chemicals from one part of the body to another

6 Red Blood Cells (also in blood!)
The next largest parts of your blood are Red Blood Cells: Red blood cells carry oxygen to cells

7 White Blood Cells & Platelets (last 2 parts of the blood!)
White blood cells work hard to protect your body from germs, etc. When the body needs to fight infection, it makes more white blood cells Platelets cause blood clots to form, minimizing loss of blood from cuts

8 3 Kinds of Blood Vessels (think of blood vessels as highways your blood uses to move through the body!) Arteries Capillary Veins Valves LOOK AT PICTURES ON pg. 66 & 67

9 Arteries (a kind of blood vessel)
Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood AWAY from your heart

10 Veins & Valves (still part of blood vessels)
Veins are blood vessels that take blood from cells BACK to the heart Valves are flaps that act like doors that keep blood flowing in 1 direction.

11 Capillaries (still part of blood vessels!)
Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels, very thin walls Capillaries joint together to from your tiniest veins

12 The heart has parts??? Your heart has 4 chambers
The upper part of each side is the: atrium The lower part is called: ventricle

13 Tell me more about the HEART
Right side- collects blood that has circulated through the body and pumps it to the lungs Left side- collects oxygen-rich blood from the lungs & pumps it to the arteries

14 Let’s Review what we learned…
What is the circulatory system? What makes up the circulatory system?-3 things What makes up blood?-4 things What kind of blood vessels did we discuss?- 3 kinds Tell me how the heart is divided? What is the circulatory system like that we can compare it to???

15 Study Study Study!! Check out the great pictures in your text…
Do you have any questions????

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