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The East Riding Schools Learning Platform. What is the Learning Platform?

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1 The East Riding Schools Learning Platform

2 What is the Learning Platform?

3 Each East Riding school has its own portal. Membership of each portal is linked to schools SIMs data (teachers, TAs, pupils and parents).

4 Each East Riding LP user has a unique log on which takes them to their own school portal.

5 Each school portal links with other schools portals in their cluster.

6 All East Riding schools portals link with the LA portal.

7 Interest Spaces on all portals enable communication and collaboration.

8 Interest Spaces can be set up on school portals for users in the school with a common interest, such as school governors, teachers, Teaching Assistants, class or year groups, clubs and teams etc. The membership and content of these is managed by the administrator of each Interest Space.

9 News items from Interest Spaces can be sent directly to individual members My Space pages which appear on opening the LP.

10 LP users see a drop down list from the Interest Space tab which shows only those Interest Spaces of which they are a member.

11 Each school also has its own virtual learning environment (VLE) or Learning Space integrated into their Learning Platform.

12 This is accessible only by the schools own teachers and pupils and is intended as an anywhere, anytime searchable resource library for teachers, an online area for resource sharing and where personalised work can be targeted for pupils either as individuals, groups or whole classes. Commercial content packs of learning and teaching resources and materials can be purchased and uploaded into schools VLEs for anywhere, anytime access.

13 By 2008 all LAs will be offering their schools access to a personal online learning space that supports learning through a range of systems including tools such as email, messaging, forums, wikis and blogs to support communication and collaboration, an area personal to the user for storing files and data, tools to support the creation, development and management of digital content and safe and secure anytime, anywhere access. By 2010 all schools should be using a learning platform - a system that incorporates all of the tools listed above whilst also integrating with the schools information management system (or MIS).

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