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Canada Ondřej Šmelko. Basic info Area: 9 984 670 km 2 (2 nd biggest) Population: 34 612 000 Density: 3.41/km 2 Capital city: Ottawa 10 provinces 3 territories.

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1 Canada Ondřej Šmelko

2 Basic info Area: 9 984 670 km 2 (2 nd biggest) Population: 34 612 000 Density: 3.41/km 2 Capital city: Ottawa 10 provinces 3 territories Language: English and French Currency: Canadian Dollar

3 Symbols FlagCoat of arms Anthem: O Canada Royal anthem: God Save the Queen

4 Population In Canada there live more than 34 mil inhabitans Canada has thirty four ethnic groups 31% Canadian, 21% English, 15,8% French Indigeneous Canadians are called Inuits about 400 000

5 Inuits They live in the north part of Canada It means “the people” in the Inuktitut language The Inuit language is grouped under Eskimo–Aleut languages To transport they use typical sleds, drawn by dogs

6 1) 2) 3) 1)Qamutik – Inuit sled 2)Inuit woman‘s parka – heavy jacket 3)Inupiat basket with ivory handle

7 Quebec Capital city: Quebec city There live the largest French community outside France Official language is French, but at provincial level They wanted to separate from Canada, but there was a decline after failed referendum in 1995

8 ◄ Flag Map► ◄ Coat of Arms Quebec City ►

9 Religion Most of Canadians are Christians Catholic 43.6%, Protestant 29.2% Followed by Atheists and Muslims

10 Main cities Ottawa Was established in 1826 as Bytown in the province of Ontario In 1855 was incorporated as City of Ottawa Area: 2 778 km 2 Is situated at the confluence of 3 rivers: Ottawa, Gatienau and Rideau

11 View of the Parliament buildings Gautineau and Ottawa rivers and Downtown Ottawa Rideau canal in winter

12 Main cities Toronto Is the provincial capital of Ontario and it is the most populous city in Canada (2.5 mil inhabitans) Is located on the northwestern shore of lake Ontario Former name of Toronto was Town of York In 1904 The Great Toronto fire destroyed a large part of downtown, but it was quickly rebuilt

13 Downtown Toronto at twilight The Great Toronto fire 1904 Toronto City hall at night

14 Ontario Highway 401, the busiest highway in NA Royal Ontario museum CN tower, 553 m high Transmission and observation tower

15 Main cities Montreal Is the second largest city in Canada and the largest in province of Quebec (3.6 mil inhabitans) Montreal is located in the southwest of the province Was the industrial and financial centre of Canada 2 nd largest French speaking city in the world

16 Downtown Montreal City hallNotre-Dame in Old Montreal

17 Main cities Vancouver Is a coastal seaport city in province British Columbia From Pacific ocean is shielded by Vancouver island Vancouver has been called a “city of neighbourhoods”, because of lots of ethnic groups In 2010 there were Winter Olympic Games Canada won 14 gold medals

18 City hall Downtown Vancouver

19 Geography Canada has borders with USA (8 893 km) Mountains: Cordillera and Appalachian mountains The highest point is Mount Logan named after Canadian geologist, 5 959 m The largest river is Mackenzie River 4 241 km Lakes: Ontario, Huron, Superior

20 History In Canada, before colonization, there lived many aboriginal people In late 15 th century British and French expeditions explored the land and later settled there In overall, in NA there were conflicts between colonizators and indigeneous tribes and conflicts between Canada and USA

21 Political system Canada is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy and a member of Commonwealth The head is the British Queen represented by a governor general Canadian Parliament consits of the House of Commons (308 members) and the Senate (105 members) Main parties: Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada, New Democratic Party and Bloc Québécois

22 Governor general David Johnston is the 28 th Governor General of Canada assumed office in 1 st October 2010 was born in 1941 in Sudbury (Ontario) Proffesion: Academic and Lawyer

23 Spatial arrangement 10 provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan 3 Territories: Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon Provinces have higher degree of autonomy than Territories


25 Sport Canada‘s national sports are ice hockey and lacrosse Other sports which are common in Canada: Curling, football, baseball, basketball and soccer There is also F1 circuit in Montreal

26 Olympic games At summer games majority of medals come from athletic and aquatic (swimming, rowing) sports At winter games, Canada is usually in top nations in term of medals won Especially in ice hockey, speed skating and curling Canada hosted Olympic games three times Summer games – Montreal in 1976 Winter games – Calgary in 1988 and Vancouver in 2010

27 UNESCO sites Canada has 15 UNESCO sites 9 natural sites 6 cultural sites Examples of cultural sites Rideau canal –Ontario Old Town Lunenburg – Nova Scotia Examples of natural sites Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks – Brit. Col. and Alberta Nahanni National Park – Northwest Territories

28 Lunenburg Rideau canal

29 ◄ Nahanni national park Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks ►

30 Nature Canada has beautiful landscape In Canada there are many national parks, a few of them are in UNESCO It is similar to our nature Some native plants: Indiangrass or coneflower Fauna: polar bears and foxes, elks, bighorn sheep etc.

31 Pale purple coneflower Indiangrass elk

32 Famous people Many famous people come from Canada Paul Anka Singer, songwriter and actor from Ottawa Céline Dion Singer, born in Charlemagne (Quebec) Avril Lavigne Singer, born in Belleville (Ontario) Terry Fox (1958-1981) Humanitarian and athlete, born in Winnipeg (Manitoba)

33 Questions Name some 3 parts of Canada What is the name of native inhabitans? How many times has Canada hosted the Winter Olympic games? Which town is the capital city of Canada?

34 The End

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