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Unit 6 Teacher : Lu Wei. warm hot humidcold cool.

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1 Unit 6 Teacher : Lu Wei

2 warm hot humidcold cool

3 Group work: Ask your classmates what they do in different kinds of weather.

4 warm hot humidcold cool

5 They are in Australia. Its a beautiful, sunny day. They are taking photos, 1.Where are they ? 2.How is the weather ? 3.What are some people doing there ? 4. What are others doing? Others are lying on the beach.

6 1.Thank sb. for sth./doing sth. Thank you for telling me the news. 2.On vacation =on holiday He is not at work,he is on vacation with his family. surprised that ) I am surprised he can run so fast.

7 4. others, the others one the others some others ( )

8 Its winter in France. The weather is and. People are wearing and scarfs. But everyone is having a good time. Friends are in restaurants. In a, a musician is and some boys. One man is a. windy cold coats eating / drinking / meeting park playing the guitar are playing football takingphoto

9 Hello, spring. Now its summer. Autumns near. Winters here. Changing seasons. Four seasons make a year. Spring is the time when everything grows. In summer its fun to be in the sun. The sun shines and its hot,hot,hot. Autumn is the time when all the leaves fall. In winter its nice to be on the ice. The snow falls and its cold,cold,cold

10 Imagine you work for AQTVs Around Anqing show. Write what the weather is like in your hometown and what the people are doing.


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