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CIS162AD: C#.Net Programming Level I Instructor: Gary R. Smith, MS.

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1 CIS162AD: C#.Net Programming Level I Instructor: Gary R. Smith, MS

2 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD2 About the Instructor  Information systems professional for over 30 years.  Professional Expertise Design and development of a variety of systems including:  Hospital Information Systems  General Ledger Accounting Systems  Accounts Payable Accounting Systems  Patient Billing and Accounts Receivable Systems  Medical Records Management Systems  Fixed Asset Accounting Systems  Inventory / Purchasing Systems  Payroll Systems  Credit Union Systems

3 About the Instructor  Education AAS in Data Processing (1976) BS in Computer Information Systems (1991) MS in Management Information Systems (1997) PhD in Information Systems (ABD) C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD3

4 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD4 Homework  You will have weekly assignments from each chapter we cover. These assignments consist of review questions and exercises (typically programs).  Assignments are due at 10:00 pm on the schedule published in Canvas.  Absolutely no late assignments will be accepted.  All assignments will be submitted in Canvas.

5 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD5 Quizzes  Weekly quizzes will be given during the semester covering the chapter from the previous week.  Lowest quiz grade will be dropped.  Each quiz consists of true / false questions.  No make-up quizzes will be given.

6 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD6 Tests  This is a performance-based course, there will be no midterm or final exam.  You will complete a pre/post test.  Successful completion of your programming project will serve as your tests.

7 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD7 Programming Project  Students will complete a programming project. The project is designed to apply the concepts to a real world application.  The programming project planning documents are due around midterm. See the Calendar/Assignment Summary for dates.  The final solution is due Sunday the last week of regular classes.  See the “Assignments” section for more and specific details.

8 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD8 Class Participation  Students are expected to participate in class discussions (on campus) or virtual classes (online). Students should read all materials prior to coming to class and be prepared to discuss topics related to the days discussion.

9 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD9 Workload  As a rule, college classes require 1–3 hours of outside study for each class credit hour depending on your ability and experience. This equates to 3-9 hours per week. Please keep in mind this is just an estimate.  Because of the nature of software development, I would recommend you budget on the high side of this estimate.

10 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD10 Classroom Rules (On Campus)  No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.  Workstations are to remain off until chapter presentation is finished or you can follow the presentation in Canvas. (No Web surfing).  Open lab will follow chapter presentation.  Instructor reserves the right to monitor and manage workstation usage.

11 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD11 Authorship  I encourage you to work with other students regarding course concepts. However, I expect all work submitted by you to be your own work.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in failure and withdrawal from the course for all concerned.

12 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD12 Assignment / Program Submission  All assignments will be submitted via Canvas.  MS Word, RTF, or plain text are all acceptable. PowerPoint or Visio are acceptable for diagramming.  Program files should be sent in a WinZip file.

13 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD13 Assignment / Program Submission  You must submit all program files required to compile and execute your project if applicable.  Source files must include your name, date written, assignment number, and brief description of the program. In-line comments must also be included in your source file.

14 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD14 Students with Disabilities  Students with disabilities who believe that they may require special accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact: Disability Resource Center KSC-Building Room 119 Phone: 602-787-7171  See: for more information.  It is NOT the institutions responsibility to provide accommodations to students who are not registered with the Disability Resource Center.

15 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD15 Course Web Site  All materials for this class are located in Canvas.  My URL is:

16 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD16 Grade Posting  Grades will be posted in Canvas.

17 Contact Information  E-mail (best way):  Instant Message (IM): MSN:  Phone: Office: (602) 787-6701 Home: (480) 218-4434 Mobile: (602) 339-6691  Please do not call my home or mobile phone between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. My family will appreciate it. C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD17

18 C#.Net ProgrammingCIS162AD18 Any Questions?  Please ask!

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