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Great Britain Little England.

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1 Great Britain Little England

2 History First country in Europe to develop a limited monarchy
Sun never set on the empire Growing old gracefully Traditional Legitimacy = hereditary ruling family had the right to rule Constitution of the Crown = evolved documents, common law, and customs Rational-legal Authority = system of well-established laws and procedures Magna Carta – limited government The Bill of Rights – rights of Parliament Common Law – officials and courts set precedents for governance

3 Gradual evolution Shaping of the monarchy Ascendancy of Parliament
Industrial Revolution Colonialism Political Shifts Welfare State Thatcherism Third Way Big Society

4 Political Culture Nationalism = pride in being British
Insularity = feeling of separation from Europe Noblesse Oblige = duty of the upper class toward the lower Welfare State = government responsibility toward the masses Cultural Homogeneity = one accepted union Multinationalism = different people and pasts

5 geography An Island Small Size Fertile Soil/Growing Season
Temperate Climate No Barriers

6 reflection Great Britain or Little England
Free Market or Welfare State Nationalism or Insularity Reform or Revolution Multi-cultural or Homogeneity

7 gradualism 1832 – Great Reform Act 1867 – Reform Act
1884 – Representation of the People Act 1918 – Women’s Suffrage Loss of Imperial Power Collective Consensus Beveridge Report NHS

8 Leadership Margret Thatcher John Major Tony Blair Gordon Brown
David Cameron Ed Miliband Neoliberalism Third Way Big Society

9 National identities England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
40% White European 23% Indian 16% Pakastani 12% Afro-Caribbean 10% Black African

10 Politics of protest Distinct Minority/Majority Cleavages
Social Class Differences of Muslim Pakistani Muslims Opposition to the Iraq War Lack of Integration of Minorities Decreasing Support for Labor Unions Increased Violence Over Northern Ireland Thatcherism New Labour Protests Over Iraq War

11 reflection Liberal or Conservative Home Rule and Solidarity
Civic Culture or Politics of Protest Social Class and Regional Factors Gradualism or Revolution

12 Political parties Labour Conservative Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru
Scottish National Sinn Fein Democratic Unity British National UK Independence

13 elections Plurality = candidate with the most votes wins, winner-take-all, first-past-the-post Regional elections – proportional representation EP elections – direct election Interest Group Pluralism: Competition Neo-corporatism = interest groups that take the lead or dominate the state Quangos = quasi-autonomous nongovernmental organizations Cozy Media BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation, arm of the government Scandal and recent investigations

14 Government Unitary – central authority in London
Parliamentary – no separation of powers between MPs and PM Collective Cabinet – MPs with executive function over agencies First Among Equals – PM becomes head of government from within Parliament (head of state is the monarchy) The Government = PM, cabinet, front benchers Back-benchers are lesser MPs Loyal Opposition = second party out of power Shadow Cabinet in opposition face the government

15 Current public policy issues
Evolving relationship between government and economy Transparency in government Relationships with the European Union Terrorism and cohesion Relationships with the US Devoluiton and constitutional reform

16 reflection UK government structures and US government structures
Labour and Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties The Government and the Parliament House of Commons and House of Lords Devolution and Constitutional Reform EU and US

17 History in comics

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