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How to construct a bibliography page

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1 How to construct a bibliography page

2 What goes on the bibliography page?
Any resource (book, website, magazine, newspaper, etc.) used in your paper.

3 Citation Styles APA – American Psychological Association – used for science We use: MLA – Modern Language Association for English classes and literature study

4 Resources to build the bibliography:
Son of Citation Machine This is a free citation maker. Choose MLA. NC WiseOwl This site is a free research resource sponsored by North Carolina. Choose MLA. A YouTube tutorial demonstrating how to use Microsoft 2007 and above to create in-text citation and the bibliography page.

5 Things to remember: 12 font, Times New Roman
Double spaced evenly and throughout the page Needs to be alphabetized by the first word of each citation Must have a hanging indention

6 Example:

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