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SSE Lesson Plan “Look For” List

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1 SSE Lesson Plan “Look For” List
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2 Directing Student Learning
Essential Questions Student-Friendly Learning Objectives Congruent Learning Activities

3 Essential Questions Meaningful
Clearly connected to planned learning experiences

4 Student-Friendly Learning Objectives
What is the purpose of the learning activities? What will we learn today? “I will…” statements with a POWER verb.

5 Congruent Learning Activities
How will we learn that? Planned learning activities that are directly linked to the learning objective(s) and essential question(s).

6 Differentiation Content
Does the material (curriculum goal, text, etc.) and instruction allow each student to access the information? Process Are students engaged in a way that is appropriate to their readiness? Do students have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a way that fits their learning style and strengths?

7 Vocabulary Development
How is personal relevance developed into the lesson? How will you explicitly teach new vocabulary for this lesson? What are the KEY vocabulary words?

8 Formative Assessment

9 Student Engagement What are the students doing?
What does engagement look like in this lesson? What does engagement sound like in this lesson?

10 Best Practices Teacher Checklist
Please check the best practices being utilized in your lesson. You may note additional practices as space allows.

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