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Cloud Computing Zach Ciccone Claudia Rodriguez Annia Aleman Xiaoying Tu Nov 14, 2013.

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1 Cloud Computing Zach Ciccone Claudia Rodriguez Annia Aleman Xiaoying Tu Nov 14, 2013


3 Agenda What is Cloud Computing? o Concept o Service Models o Technical Advantages and Trends Benefits & Challenges in General o Success Stories Case Study: Indian’s Roadmap of Cloud Computing o Benefit & Challenges o Cloud in Practice It’s YOUR Turn - Group Challenge Key Take-Aways

4 Cloud? Cloud!

5 What is Cloud Computing? Infrastructure Platform Applications

6 What is Cloud Computing?

7 Service Models Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Software as a Service Legends Provided by Cloud Service Provider Created by Users

8 HUman as a Service Service Models

9 Technical Advantages & Trends Advantages On-demand self-service Broad network access Resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured service Trends “Thin Client” Fusion with other technologies: e.g. mobile devices

10 General Benefits to Cloud Computing Costs decline Little to no upfront investment Pay as you go and increase scalability possibilities Cut IT costs Accessible Services Accessible anywhere with internet (including with a telephone) Promote inter agency, department, or organization collaboration Improve delivery of goods and services

11 Cloud Computing Success Stories DoD US Army Online Experience Center Challenge: Needed a more flexible and customizable way to track potential army recruits Federal Labor Relation Authority (FLRA) Case Management System Challenge: The case management system was not financially feasible, outdated, and not sufficient to fit their needs. All success stories from:

12 US Army Case Solution: Move to a cloud environment that permits a 360 degree community outreach and relationship management approach. Results: Costs down to 8M for full licensing from $83M 33% productivity gain 30 times higher response rates Twitter, Facebook integration Geolocation and contact data in the field via iPhone and Blackberry Visitor and user surveys for instant information Massive email campaign capabilities

13 Federal Labor Relation Story Solution: The agency migrated to a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service case management system that allows users the flexibility to monitor case activity anytime, anywhere. Results: 88% reduction in total cost of ownership over a five year period Eliminated up-front licensing cost of $273,000 Reduced annual maintenance from $77,000 to $16,800 Eliminated all hardware acquisition costs Secure access from any Internet connection Ability to operate and access case information from any location in the world, supporting the virtual enterprise

14 General Challenges to Cloud Computing

15 Recommendations ●Government can partner with the private sector to expand services. ●Mobile phones can be used as alternatives for connecting to the internet. ●Establish protocols in providing transparency into security operations of cloud computing companies.

16 India Case Study: Case Facts Stakeholders Benefits Issues Goals

17 India Case Study: Deeper Challenges Education Infrastructure Distribution of economic opportunity Policy and implementation challenges

18 India: National Development Goals Government policy support “The National Telecom Policy 2012 affirms promotion of the Cloud infrastructure when it states that India will take “new policy initiatives to ensure rapid expansion of new services and technologies at globally competitive prices by addressing the concerns of Cloud users and other stakeholders including specific steps that need to be taken for lowering the cost of service delivery.”

19 India and the Cloud in Practice, Cont Education Joint virtual university degrees and course offerings (also with foreign universities) Course material accessible through data centers Government Improve information sharing and delivering goods and services Cut infrastructure costs and allows rural governments to access communication and information systems management New Economic Opportunities New businesses do not have has high of start up IT costs Low cost or free software accessible through the cloud Scalability more feasible and more rapid


21 It’s YOUR Turn - Group Challenge Five groups, each focusing on one sector: o Agriculture o Education o Finance o Healthcare o E-Government Think about a challenge and design a solution using the cloud to address the challenge o Design Diagram o Benefits o Challenges

22 Key Take-aways New options to access ubiquitous, powerful computing resources Human, Services, Platform, and Infrastructure as a Service with new opportunities in IT- enabled development There is room for growth and adoption of cloud computing

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