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Getting the most points on your Final Paper

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1 Getting the most points on your Final Paper

2 Read the Directions Carefully
Attend a performance of a play or an opera or a concert by a European playwright/composer Go to the San Diego Museum of Art and select a painting or sculpture currently on display by a European artist. Write an 8-10 page, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt font academic essay comparing and contrasting the performance and the artwork. Make sure you keep your entrance ticket to both the museum and to the performance as you must turn them both in with your assignment.

3 Writing Your Essay Basic essay parts
Introduction [lead in, transition sentences that describe performance and artwork, and thesis] Body Paragraphs [ topic sentences, good examples that describe the performance and artwork] Conclusion [restates thesis in different words, summarizes main points, gives your opinion] NOTE: For this essay, there is a specific structure to follow. Answer the questions as thoroughly as possible to get the most points!

4 Introduction + Title Clever Title Interesting attention getter
Transition sentences that announce the two works, their creators, & include information about period and style. Thesis Statement + plan of development

5 Body Paragraph #1 Topic sentence with transition
What is the content of the performance and the artwork? What is the artist showing us? In a play or opera, what is the plot? In terms of music, is there a theme or consistent thread of meaning to the songs or movements? Why is this important? Are there certain symbols related to the artist's time period or to ours?

6 Body Paragraph #2 Topic sentence with transition
What is the size of the art piece, and what materials are used in the making of this artwork? How do size and materials enhance the piece? In an opera or play, think of characters and setting, how do they contribute to meaning? In terms of music, what instruments are used and why? Are there vocals? How do they enhance meaning? Are there certain textures [physical or sound] that are achieved through this medium? Do they contribute to meaning? Why do you think the artist chose this form to express his/her thoughts?

7 Body Paragraph #3 Topic sentence with transition
What colors are used in the art piece? How does color contribute to overall meaning of the piece? Think about how colors contrast or blend into one another as well as colors that are very bold versus very soft. Where is the artist directing our eyes? Why? Also consider how the artist might contrast light and dark through shading. In terms of a play or opera, think of how the artist captures our attention with words or sound. Is there dramatic irony or symbolism present? How does this contrast from one form to another? In terms of music, think of how sound can be vivid or soft. Like color, intensity of sound can attract our attention and make us feel a certain way.

8 Body Paragraph #4 Topic sentence with transition
How does the artist create movement through line and shapes within the art piece? How does movement or lack thereof contribute to meaning in the piece? How do the shapes you see contribute to the total effect? In a play or opera, think about how the piece moves from one scene to the next. How do characters move to create meaning through body and facial motions. In terms of music, think of how one movement moves to the next. How does the artist move us emotionally from one section to another through sound - loud/soft, fast/slow?

9 Conclusion What do you think the artists' messages to the audience were intended to be? Were they successful? Why or why not? What did you learn about performance art and fine art through this assignment? Remember, you must restate your thesis in different words and end with a clear, final thought.

10 Some Advice 1] See the performance first and take notes! This will help you select a piece of fine art to compare/contrast it to. Again, it is better to chose things you like so you'll have more fun completing the assignment. 2] This is an academic essay - if you use outside sources in this paper, you must quote them in the paragraphs and include a works cited page. You must do this even if you are paraphrasing!! 3] If you haven't written an essay for a while, go to the Writing Center in the Library, and they can provide some free help. 4] To give you an example of what an essay about a play or an essay about a piece of music looks like, here are two papers I wrote when I was a student. The examples I give only examine one piece. For your assignment, you must compare/contrast a performance piece [play/opera/concert] with a fine art piece. -Play Paper -Music Paper

11 Quick Tips for College Essays
Ask Questions Early Start Sooner than Later Take notes [pre-write], Then Outline, Then Write Visit the Writing Center Talk to your instructor Share Your Essay

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