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Comparing and Ordering Decimals

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1 Comparing and Ordering Decimals
Lesson 1-3

2 Using Models If you are comparing tenths to hundredths, you can use a tenths grid and a hundredths grid. Here, you can see that 0.4 is greater than 0.36.

3 Using a Number Line Determine the highest and lowest number, and then draw tenths. If hundredths are necessary, draw those. Example: Put the following numbers in order on the number line: 1.4; 1.65; 1.58; 1.84; 1.8 In this example, the number line must be between 1.4 and 1.84.

4 First, fill in the tenths.
1.4 1.58 1.65 1.8 1.84 1.5 1.6 1.7 First, fill in the tenths. Then, fill in the hundredths. Place the decimals on the line. Now the decimals are in order.

5 The Easy Way Line up the numbers vertically by the decimal point.
Add “0” to fill in any missing spaces. Compare from left to right.

6 Put these numbers in order: 12.5; 12.24; 11.96; 12.36
12 . 5 Fill in the missing space with a zero. 11.96 < < < 12.5

7 Homework Time The above image is a royalty free picture provided by

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