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Universities UK How will the Bologna Process and EU initiatives affect higher education worldwide? Diana Warwick 1.

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1 Universities UK How will the Bologna Process and EU initiatives affect higher education worldwide? Diana Warwick 1

2 The Bologna Process 1 1999 ‘Bologna Declaration’ - Creation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by 2010 Improve the compatibility and comparability of European HE - not about harmonisation! Increasing the international competitiveness of European HE 2

3 46 participating countries Biennial ministerial summits Prague 2001, Berlin 2003, Bergen 2005, London 2007 The Bologna Process 2 3

4 Bologna Process stakeholders 1 Ministerial departments Council of Europe European Commission UNESCO-CEPES 4

5 Bologna Process stakeholders 2 Higher Education Institutions European University Association (EUA) European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) Students (European Students Union) Academic staff (Education International) 5

6 Key Bologna Process reforms Bachelor – Master – Doctoral cycles Overarching Framework for Qualifications of the EHEA Standards and Guidelines European for Quality Assurance in the EHEA European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Diploma Supplement 6

7 London summit, May 2007 - outcomes Register of European Higher Education Quality Assurance Agencies ‘Social dimension’ – widening participation and access to HE Mobility of staff and students Future of the EHEA post-2010 7

8 Participating states EU MEMBER STATES Austria Latvia Belgium Lithuania Bulgaria Luxembourg Cyprus Malta Czech Rep Netherlands Denmark Poland Estonia Portugal Finland Romania France Slovakia Germany Slovenia Greece Spain Hungary Sweden Ireland UK Italy NON – EU MEMBER STATES AlbaniaMontenegro AndorraNorway ArmeniaRussia AzerbaijanSerbia Bosnia Switzerland -Herzegovina Turkey Croatia Ukraine Georgia Holy See Iceland Liechtenstein Macedonia Moldova 8

9 The role of the EU 1 Not the same thing! 46 v 27! Bologna Process: HE Ministers from 46 countries agree to Communiqués HE sector a key driver Students, Govts, international orgs (EU, CoE), HE staff also very involved EU: Top-down decision making (E.Comm) No legislative competency for HE Funding for mobility initiatives Lisbon Agenda – reform of European HE 9

10 The role of the EU 2 The Lisbon Strategy: [To make the EU] ‘the most dynamic and competitive knowledge economy in the world… capable of delivering stronger, lasting growth and creating more and better jobs’. European Commission Communication, 2006: ‘Delivering on the Modernisation Agenda for Universities: Education, Research and Innovation’ Greater synergy between doctoral cycle and European Research Area 10

11 The role of the EU 3 European Institute of Technology (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) European Research Council (ERC) ERC Starting Grants ERC Advanced Grants 11

12 The role of the EU 4 Erasmus Mundus EU-funded scholarships for third country nationals to study Joint Master’s degrees TEMPUS EU and 26 partner countries in North Africa, Caucus region, Middle East and elsewhere Developing HE infrastructure 12

13 Affect on HE worldwide 1 Strategy for the EHEA in a Global Setting Improving the Bologna Secretariat website (Benelux countries) Building upon the EUA’s Bologna Handbook Improving recognition of qualifications 13

14 Affect on HE worldwide 2 Improving immigration visa procedures for students from inside and outside the EHEA Allowing universities time to implement Bologna reforms Greater autonomy for universities 14

15 Global response 1 Australia Diploma Supplement Brisbane Communiqué New Zealand Diploma Supplement National interest remains the main focus 15

16 Global response 2 North America Greater acceptance of 3 year undergraduate degrees Increased emphasis on learning outcomes Lifelong learning 16

17 Why should you be interested in the Bologna Process? “We are already in an advantageous position.” “It’s happening on another continent on the other side of the world.” “Is it a threat from Europe?” 17

18 For more information Bologna Secretariat UK Higher Education Europe Unit or contact: 18

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