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BA Primary Education Year 1 Joanna Cheetham Study Skills

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1 BA Primary Education Year 1 Joanna Cheetham Study Skills

2 Today… Is the tip of the iceberg! Why it is important to deal with issues in your essay writing? Workshops about essay planning and reading Top tips: Essay Planning Top tips: Reading for Assignments

3 Developing your skills This is a process No magic wand! University writing is very different to most pre-university writing You can learn how to do it better

4 Why work on improving my written skills? To achieve your potential To make the researching and writing process more enjoyable To provide evidence for your tracking document that you are working to improve your skills

5 What is coming up in your feedback about planning and reading?

6 Can you make any of these workshops? Planning Assignments Exploring Ideas: Mind Mapping & Related Techniques Mon 28 Feb, 10-11 Thurs 3 March, 10-11 Essay Writing 1: Making Sense of Your Essay Title Thurs 17 Feb, 10-11 Tues 26 April, 2-3 Essay Writing 2: Structuring Your Essay Mon 28 Feb, 2-4 Thurs 10 March, 10-12 Tues 3 May, 2-4

7 Can you make these workshops? Reading Reading and Using Academic Texts Mon 14 Feb, 2-4 Thurs 24 Feb, 2.30-4.30 Academic Referencing Explained Fri 4 March, 11-12 Thurs 17 March, 10-11 Fri 7 May, 2-3

8 Top Tip: Essay Planning Find your argument Make a case Your argument is your answer to the question It will be a claim that is based on your reading Your argument is key to planning The job of the rest of your essay will be to show why your claim is a good one

9 Top tip: Essay Planning Draw a plan Create sections Note where you will bring in: Research Classroom experience Whatever the assignment instructions ask you to include Use a mind map And/or a table

10 Top Tip: Using Reading Consider introducing your sources by using signal phrases (e.g. Child psychologist Smith shows that ‘children…’) Avoid opening a sentence with quotation marks – it is as if someone was suddenly and unexpectedly butting into your essay!

11 Top Tip: Using Reading Follow up quotations and paraphrases with your own critical comment You need to show your reader how what your sources say fits into the argument that you are making How is the evidence they are providing demonstrating the claim that you are making? Make your point!


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