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Progress Monitoring And RtI System

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1 Progress Monitoring And RtI System
AIMSWeb® Progress Monitoring And RtI System

2 What is AIMSWeb? AIMSweb is a progress monitoring system based on direct, frequent and continuous student assessment. The results are reported to students, parents, teachers and administrators via a web-based data management and reporting system to determine response to intervention.

3 How Does AIMSweb Work? The AIMSweb system components provide one comprehensive progress monitoring and RTI Solution. Benchmark – Assess all students three times per year for universal screening (early identification), general education progress monitoring, and AYP accountability. Strategic Monitor – Monitor at-risk students monthly and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional changes. Progress Monitor – Write individualized annual goals and monitor more frequently for those who need intensive instructional services.


5 Can AIMSWeb provide prediction for success on high stakes tests?
Yes. With one year’s worth of CBM test scores, we can create a correlation of high stakes test scores that AIMSweb uses to generate targets. Students scoring over those targets have a high probability of being proficient on the high stakes test.

6 Do students take tests on the computer?
No. AIMSweb measures are administered "paper/pencil" style and scores are entered by hand or uploaded to the data system via Data Capture Tool options.

7 Is AIMSWeb considered diagnostic?
No. AIMSweb is designed for universal screening and progress monitoring. While educators can get a lot of information from the performance of the student by doing item/error analysis informally, AIMSweb was not intended to be diagnostic.

8 Test of Early Literacy-CBM
Letter naming, Letter Sound, Phoneme Segmentation, and Nonsense Word Fluency Measures

9 Reading-CBM Oral Reading Fluency, AIMSweb Reading Curriculum-Based Measurement

10 MAZE Reading Comprehension, AIMSweb Maze Curriculum-Based Measurement Standard Reading comprehension Assessment Passages

11 Spelling-CBM AIMSweb Spelling Curriculum-Based Measurement, Standard Spelling Word Lists

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