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Using a Spreadsheet Chapter 5.

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1 Using a Spreadsheet Chapter 5

2 What is a Spreadsheet? Spreadsheet
An application used to store and analyze data Used for Payroll Inventory Data collection Personal budgets Cost calculations What is a Spreadsheet?

3 What is a Spreadsheet? Worksheet Workbook
An Excel spreadsheet document Workbook An Excel file containing worksheets What is a Spreadsheet?

4 Excel Window Title Bar File Tab Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
Displays the file name of the current workbook File Tab Click to display commands for opening, saving, and printing a worksheet Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Select commands and perform actions Sheet Tab Displays a worksheet in the workbook Columns Lettered A to Z and AA to XFD for a total of 16,348 Rows Numbered 1 to 1,048,576 Cell Intersection of a row and a column Cell Reference Column letter and Row number that identify a single cell Active Cell Displayed with a dark bold border Name Box Displays a cell reference of the active cell Formula Bar Displays the contents of the active cell Status Bar View information about the current document Excel Window

5 Entering Data into a Worksheet
3 step planning process What is the purpose? What information is needed? How should the worksheet be organized? Worksheet data is either a Label Text and cannot be used in calculations and left aligned Value Numeric and can be used in calculations and right aligned Date/time Entries may be used in some calculations and right aligned Entering Data into a Worksheet

6 Editing Cell Contents Select the cell
Contents of active cell are displayed in formula bar Make changes and corrections in the formula bar or double-click cell contents and use arrow keys Editing Cell Contents

7 Complete Part 1 of 5 Practice: Grades

8 Formatting is applied to cells to make it easier to read
Alignment Wrap text Borders Shading Merge and Center Fonts & Styles Formatting Cells

9 Selecting Cells Adjacent Range Selecting Cells
Cells next to each other Range Selection of two or more cells Selecting Cells Click first cell in range and then drag across remaining cells Selecting Cells

10 Applying Themes and Cell Styles
Predefined set of colors, fonts, and effects used to format a worksheet Used to maintain a consistent and professional look in multiple worksheets Cell Styles Apply several formats in one step and ensure consistent cell formatting Home ⇒ Cell Styles Applying Themes and Cell Styles

11 Previewing and Printing a Worksheet
Page layout view Worksheet is displayed as pages View ⇒ Page Layout Previewing and Printing a Worksheet

12 Automatically printed at the top and bottom of each page
Insert ⇒ Header & Footer Headers and Footers

13 Complete Grades Part 2 of 5
Practice: Grades

14 Using Formulas to Perform Calculations
Mathematical statements used to calculate values Begin with = sign Mathematical operators Exponents ^ Division / Subtraction – Multiplication * Addition + Order of operations PEMDAS Using Formulas to Perform Calculations

15 Display Formulas CTRL + ` Formulas ⇒ Show Formulas Displaying Formulas

16 Complete Examples Practice: Examples

17 Using Cell References in Formulas
Pointing Type a formula up to where a cell reference should appear and then click a cell, which places its reference in the formula Best method for entering cell references into a formula because typing errors are avoided Using Cell References in Formulas

18 Cut, Copy, and Paste Moving Data Duplicating Data Fill Handle
Selected cell contents are “cut” from the worksheet and then “pasted” into other cells Duplicating Data Selected cell contents are “copied” and the copy is “pasted” into other cells Use the cut or copy buttons on the Home tab Select the source which is the cell or range to be duplicated or moved Click Cut or Copy on the Home tab Select the destination cell where the info is to be pasted Click Paste on the Home tab Fill Handle Solid square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell or range Drag the fill handle to copy the contents of the selected cell or range to adjacent cells Cut, Copy, and Paste

19 Complete Grades Part 3 of 5
Practice: Grades

20 Copying and Pasting Data between Word and Excel
To copy from Excel to Word Home ⇒ Copy Display Word document and place insertion point where data is to appear Home ⇒ Paste Data copied from Excel is pasted as a table into a Word document Copying and Pasting Data between Word and Excel

21 Copying and Pasting Data between Word and Excel
Information organized in a table or aligned with tabs and tab stops in a Word document can be copied to a worksheet In Word click Home ⇒ Copy Display the Excel worksheet and select the upper-left cell of the range where data is to be placed Home ⇒ Paste Copying and Pasting Data between Word and Excel

22 Complete Dept Memo Practice: Dept Memo

23 Conditional Formatting
Formatting that is applied to a cell when a specified condition is met Makes worksheet data easier to evaluate Home ⇒ Conditional Formatting ⇒ Highlight Cells Rules Conditional Formatting

24 Complete Grades Part 4 of 5
Practice: Grades

25 A graphic, such as a business logo, can be added to a worksheet to give it a professional appearance
Insert ⇒ Picture Clip Art Files of general purpose graphics created by an artist using illustration software Insert ⇒ Clip Art Adding Graphics

26 Hyperlinks in a Worksheet
Web and addresses are automatically formatted as hyperlinks Insert ⇒ Hyperlink Hyperlinks in a Worksheet

27 Practice: Gadgets Invoice
Complete Gadgets Invoice Part 1 of 2 Practice: Gadgets Invoice

28 Protecting Worksheets from Changes
To protect the contents of the active sheet Review ⇒ Protect Sheet Protecting Worksheets from Changes

29 Complete Grades part 5 of 5
Practice: Grades

30 is a fast and efficient message delivery system that can include Excel workbooks attached to the message File → Save & Send → Send Using Backstage View options for sending a worksheet as an attachment will be displayed Select PDF to attach a PDF copy of the workbook to an e- mail message ing A Workbook

31 Reviewing A Worksheet Tools for proofing a worksheet on the Review tab
Spelling Thesaurus New Comment Track Changes Reviewing A Worksheet

32 Practice: Gadgets Sales
Complete Gadgets Sales Practice: Gadgets Sales

33 Creating an HTML File HTML Hypertext markup language
Excel not needed to view; only web browser File ⇒ Save As ⇒ Web Page Creating an HTML File

34 Templates Template To create a template
Master worksheet that includes the basic elements for a particular type of worksheet To create a template Enter data in a new worksheet and apply formatting File ⇒ Save As ⇒ Excel Template Templates

35 Practice: Gadgets Invoice
Complete Gadgets Invoice Part 2 of 2 Practice: Gadgets Invoice

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