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Evaluation question four How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages ?

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1 Evaluation question four How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages ?

2 Research and planning The research and planning process required me to look into different genres including my own chosen genre. I had to look at real media products before I could plan my own. I used different media products to help me with this ;

3 Blogger We had to use blogger through out a lot of our research and planning. We mainly used it to store our work on but it helped us as we could keep looking back at our ideas and see how we changed them and what we could do to improve the ideas that we already had. Blogger was also a use full website to use so that we could do our past student analysis. We could look at their work through blogger and this made the information easily accessible.

4 Prezi was also a very useful website to use when doing our research and planning. I used Prezi a lot to present my findings on. Much like Blogger this was a really good website for storing my information on so that I could look back at previous ideas and see how I could improve them. Prezi is an easy way to transfer files on the internet such as Blogger as you can use embedded codes to do this.

5 Phones We often used our phones to take pictures for evidence of our work. We used phones because they are a great device which are easily accessible and easy to use. I can easily upload my photos from my phone onto my blog as I have the Blogger app on my phone. This makes course work easy to do and makes it easy for me to update my blog in order to look back at my research.

6 Websites Google- I use this research engine so that I can find the information that I need. This is a reliable fast source that has endless amounts of data that I can compare in order to get the best result. YouTube- We used YouTube so that we could find and view different music from genres. We could also make sure that we did not copy the original video by using this search engine. It is a very helpful website which is also reliable. I used this website in order to find out how popular my genre was for my research stage.

7 UK tribes – We used this website in order to find particular information on music. This was a good accurate website that gave us helpful figure on how popular music was. BBC Class test- I used this website in order to find out if all the classes liked our genre of music that we had chosen. This helped me to create my target audience.

8 Construction process In this stage, I used all my work from my research and planning process in order to make my own music video digipak and magazine advert :

9 Sony Vegas We used an editing software calluses Sony Vegas which helped us to edit our whole video together. We managed to use a whole load of different effects when using this software and was able to make a precise video. The best part about Sony Vegas was being able to shorten clips and add effects to them such as slow motion. This helped us to hit our impact points with in our music video.

10 Video FX- we found that this editing tool in particular was very helpful because we could put flickers and grains where we wanted them. In particular this helped the Emo scene to look realistic. This also helped us when we had to combine the rabbit whole and the Charlie and the Chocolate factory scene together. This was also very good as we had to white balance a lot of the scenes in order to make them look smoother. We also used this tool a lot to make the colour quality better as we were able to change the contrast and saturation.

11 Photoshop We used Photoshop for our ancillary task. This was a key feature for when we did our digipak as we needed to edit the photos in order to get the right picture and to put all four parts of the digipak together. This programme has tools that help to get the effects of the picture right as well as precise cuts of pictures. To make the precise cuts we used a tool called the quick selection tool. This made it very easy to cut our images out of a picture we had already taken. The computer accurately cut around the shape so that we got the shape that we wanted and in our case the characters that we wanted to use out of the full picture. We also used the adjustment tool which allowed me to make a black and white effect on our characters.

12 Cameras We used a HD Panasonic camera to film our main product with. This camera used an SD card instead of a tape and was very easy to use. This was a precise camera that captured things with great focus. We had a good zoom on this camera as well which enabled us to zoom in and out on character in order to get the shots that we needed. Thi camera was also good because we could watch our clips back. This meant that we could get clips that we were happy with because if we watched the clip back and wasn’t happy with it then we could then re film that part.

13 Smoke machine We used a smoke machine for our music video. We used this in the Charlie and the chocolate factory scene in order to add to the effects of the crazy themes. This made smoke when Lewis walked out of the wardrobe which helped us to crate the effect that we wanted.

14 Evaluation After finishing my product I had to evaluate all of my work. To do this I also had to use media technologies in order to present my work;

15 Phones Much like for the Research and planning process we used phones for the evaluation so that we could take pictures of the information that we needed to put on Prezi and Blogger. This was easy because phones are so accessible and easy to use.

16 Snipping tool I used the snipping tool a lot whilst doing my evaluation questions so that I could get clips of my main products and add them into my evaluation question. The snipping tool was really use full because it allowed me to get the evidence that I needed to put into my evaluation questions.

17 Blogger Much like every other stage, I use Blogger in order to put the evaluation question onto the internet and my Coursework storage. This means that I can look back at my work and see where I have improved and where I need to improve. This also helps me to keep all my work in one place so that it is easier to store and mark.

18 Prezi Prezi was a huge help when it came to creating my evaluation question. I found that especially with my first and second evaluation question I used Prezi a lot. This is because it is easy to use for big power points. With my evaluation questions being so long I found that it was a lot easier to use that using power point its self. It is also easier to put on my blog a I can use the embedded code.

19 Conclusion In conclusion, I feel that the different media technologies have helped me with my project. With out this technology I wouldn’t of been able to achieve what I have done today. I’m particular I feel that the Camera and internet websites helped me the most as it enabled me to create my own work to the best that I could. The internet allowed me to both find information that I needed and compare it with other genres in order to get my audience right.

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