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How are weather forecasts made?

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1 How are weather forecasts made?
Chapter 6 lesson 4 How are weather forecasts made?

2 Barometer A barometer shows air pressure, it can rise or fall.
A rising barometer means sunny and dry conditions, while a falling barometer means stormy and wet conditions.

3 ANEMOMETER An ANEMOMETER measures wind speed.
The dial shows the wind speed.

4 RAIN GAUGE A RAIN GAUGE measures the amount of rain that has fallen over a specific time period.

5 WEATHER BALLOON A WEATHER BALLOON measures weather conditions higher up in the atmosphere. Weather balloons carry instruments which measure air conditions such as temperature at different altitudes.

6 Weather patterns Weather follows patterns.
Temperature usually rises during the day and falls at night. Temperature and precipitation also change with the seasons. Technology helps weather forecasters:

7 Doppler rader The doppler rader: detects precipitation and how wind affects its movement. It can track tornadoes!

8 Weather forecasters Weather forecasters are people who predicate and report on weather. They use technology to gather weather data. What do the blue and red marks mean?

9 Now we are going to be weather forecasters:
-Receive assigned zip code -Work together to forecast the weather for the class on your assigned area. -Explain what tools you used to predict that weather -Draw your weather maps.

10 Zip codes
Temecula: 92592 Flagstaff, AZ :86001 Addison, MI: 49220 Young America, MN: 55560 Longview, TX:75601

11 Chapter 6 Review! 1) What shows air pressure, it can rise or fall.
A barometer 2) Convection currents in the atmosphere causes….. Wind 3) Air pressure _______ as you move up through the Earth’s atmosphere. Decreases 4) Cool air is _____than warm air. Heavier.

12 5) What are the 4 types of Air masses?
1) Maritime polar air mass 2) Maritime tropical Air mass: 3) Continental Polar Air mass 4) Continental tropical Air mass 6) ______________can cause tornados? Thunderstorms 7) How does the uneven heating of the earth causes convection currents? Differences in air temperature happen at different locations and convection currents form because warm air rises and cool air sinks. 8) What does the symbol to the right mean? 9) What does the image in red mean?

13 Bonus questions 2pts: What does this image mean?

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