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Unit 1 This is me! welcome to the unit.

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1 Unit 1 This is me! welcome to the unit

2 master look after She is the dog’s master. She looks after the dog
very well. look after

3 e-dog Hobo Eddie

4 What’s the yellow dog’s name?
What’s the e-dog’s name? Who is the master? Is Eddie happy in picture1?Why? Is Eddie happy in picture4?Why?

5 Are you my master? Hobo master Eddie master Millie

6 Good morning. 7.15 a.m.

7 Good afternoon. 2.45 p.m.

8 Good evening. 6.00 p.m.

9 Greet your classmates and introduce yourself.

10 M: Good morning! S: Good ! What’s your name, please? M: My name is Millie. S: How do you it? M: M-I-L-L-I-E, Millie. And ? S: I’m Sandy. S-A-N-D-Y, Sandy. M: How are you? S: I’m twelve. What you? M: I’m twelve, S: What are you in? M: I’m in Class One, Grade Seven. S: Oh, really? I’m in Class One,Grade Seven,too. We are in the class. We are M: That’s Let’s go together. S: All right. morning spell you old about too class same classmates great

11 Exercises 根据问/答句完成对话: 1.A:_____________________? B: I’m Sally.
2.A: Good morning B:_________________. 3.A: Hi. Kitty B:_____________, Daniel. 4.此时间(4:00)见面该如何打招呼? 5.睡觉前该如何向他人道别? 。

12 二.汉译英: 1、你是我的主人吗?_______________________________ 2、现在请读这本书。_______________________________ 3、我喜爱这只电子狗。_______________________________ 4、请照顾好你的电子狗。 _______________________________

13 Homework: 1.Copy new words and phrases. 2.Greet your friends at different time. 3.Recite the dialouge.

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