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Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania „Linpra“ 1 Riga 2014 December.

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1 Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania „Linpra“ 1 Riga 2014 December

2 LINPRA – Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania Who we are? An independent business organization. We represent our member companies interests on international and national level What do we want to do? o To increase competitiveness and internationalization of our business o To improve export of products and services o To improve synergy between scientists and engineers in R&D&I. o To improve quality of VET (Vocational education and training) in Lithuania 2

3 Why do we work? To help our members: To improve better business environment for businessmen and scientists activity To get services like representation, mediation, networking organizing, help in getting financial funds, technological education, knowledge management and workers education To export high added value products, services and solutions To create environment needed for improving qualification and management abilities of employees. To share information about the capacity of sectorial business enterprises and scientific institutions 3

4 4 What do we do? (1) We want to improve engineering industry business environment We propose improvements for the documentation of legal regulation We organize discussions with government, education and science institutions We form government opinion about improvement of sector business environment We doing business environment analysis We represent members in work groups, conferences, assemblies, various committees and commissions (LPK, CEEMET, EFFRA, ORGALIME, ManuFuture, kt.)

5 5 What do we do? (2) We want to encourage export development We provide information about business opportunities and terms abroad Organize exhibitions, missions Mediate communicating with business attaché Disseminate legal publications for international trade Help find partners in Lithuania and abroad Publish sector enterprises catalogue and administrate the database Consult in export management Educate Your employees

6 6 What do we do? (3) We want to encourage R&D synergy between science institutions and business enterprises We convey vision of „Future Of Manufacturing “ to Lithuanian companies Represent interests of enterprises when programming EU funds Moderate the cooperation between business, science and foreign partners Moderate clusters and enterprises networking Help to prepare for R&D&I international projects Publish methodical guidelines for improvement of innovation activities Organize R&D&I and business services providers database

7 7 What do we do? (4) We want to improve VET and competence quality in Lithuania Promote engineering professions Participate in preparing VET standards, programs and educational material Represent member when evaluating quality of studies Participate in VET management Participate in R&D structures management Influencing management of educational institutions Organize qualification courses for vocational education and training teachers Carry out informal student education and realize student involving projects Participate in renewal of VET school infrastructure Prepare studies for specialists accordance evaluation to current market needs

8 Members of LINPRA business areas 8 Rubber and plastics Other transport equipment Motor vehicles, trailers and semi- trailers Basic metals Machinery and equipment Electrical equipment Computer, electronic and optical products Fabricated metal products Engineering Industry sectors

9 9 Main LINPRA initiatives (1), Ph. (+370 23 88 947), e-mail Intechcentras participates in the activities of Lithuanian engineering industry association LINPRA and Mechatronics Cluster. Intechcentras services efficiently support the activities of engineering companies, encourage, provide and maintain needed support for the development of the new products. Main competences are: Training Moderation of cooperation Consultation for enterprises

10 10 Main LINPRA initiatives (2), Ph. (+370 5 231 2520), e-mail The center was established on the initiative of LINPRA, the Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania, in an effort to strengthen the accessibility and efficient use of innovation support in areas critical for the assurance of competitiveness of companies in the engineering industry - namely, in the creation of new high value-added products and the effective production and sale thereof VIPKC and its network members offer the following services Design of new products Technological training International trade agreement consulting Implementation of innovation management systems Financial support opportunities

11 11 Main LINPRA initiatives (3), Ph. (+370 5 231 2520), e-mail Priority directions of the NTP MANUFUTURE-LT Initiation of measures to ensure competitiveness within the industry's priority sectors and insight in the development of the Lithuanian industry sectors Formation of priorities for the development of scientific research and technologies, and creation of a corresponding infrastructure Creation and implementation of innovative high value-added products and processes Development of new business models Quality assurance for all levels of professional training according to the needs of the industry, and promotion of the creation of new jobs for skilled specialists Development of social dialogue as a tool to enhance business competitiveness MANUFUTURE-LT is a voluntary community of more than 30 business and science organizations whose goal is to ensure the competitiveness of the engineering industry in the global economy by mobilizing the resources and efforts necessary to achieve this

12 12 Manufacturing sector Index of wages and salaries in industry, compared to 2010 Source: Statistics Lithuania

13 Number of small and medium sized companies 13 Source: Statistics Lithuania

14 14 Manufacturing sector Number of individual economic entities in operation at the beginning of the year Source: Statistics Lithuania

15 Structure of engineering industry according to number of subjects in the sector 2006 – 2013 in percent 15 Source: Statistics Lithuania

16 Export 16 Source: Statistics Lithuania

17 Manufacturing sector exports 17 Source: Statistic of Lithuania

18 Export – import balance 18 Source: Statistics Lithuania

19 Education Current Situation in Lithuania 17 Youth unemployment: 19.5 % 1  51.6% have no professional qualification  41.5% have no work experience It was challenging to find employees with the right qualifications in Lithuania in the last 3 years Sufficient supply of employees with the right qualifications would encourage us to expand and create new work places Source 1: Lithuanian Labor Exchange Office, July 2014 (youth: 15-25 yrs. old) Source 2: Employer Survey, Invest Lithuania, 2014 * This question was not available in the 2013 survey Possible solution – apprenticeships, but they are lacking :  agreement on definitions  clear legal requirements and provisions  simplicity to implement and participate in + flexibility

20 20 Manufacturing sector Labour productivity per person employed (EU27 = 100, 2013) Source: Eurostat

21 21 Manufacturing sector Labour productivity per person employed in Lithuania (EU27 = 100) Source: Eurostat

22 22 Manufacturing sector GDP by production approach, at current prices | seasonally and working days non-adjusted Source: Statistics Lithuania

23 Gross value added and gross domestic product by engineering industry sector 23 Source: Statistics Lithuania

24 24 Manufacturing sector Occupied posts Source: Statistics Lithuania

25 Industrial production 25 Source: Statistics Lithuania

26 26 LINPRA - Engineering Industries Association of Lithuania Savanorių pr. 176-803, LT-03154 Vilnius Phone: +370 5 231 2520 Fax: +370 5 203 2222

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