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Draft Zoning Code Residential Focus Neighborhood Meeting May 8, 2007.

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1 Draft Zoning Code Residential Focus Neighborhood Meeting May 8, 2007

2 Meeting Agenda Powerpoint Presentation 5-minute Q & A Group Discussions Wrap-up

3 GMA Update Process thru 2006 New Comprehensive Plan adopted Zoning Code to implement Plan Check out city website for more info:, “GMA Update”

4 Zoning Code Process Available for public review April 23 rd Neighborhood Meeting May 8 th Community Meeting May 11 th 8:30AM at the Convention Center, Fuji Room Comments DUE June 21 st Planning Commission Public Hearing July City Council Public Hearing July/August

5 Zoning Districts in the Neighborhood RS - Residential Single Family RL – Residential Low RM – Residential Moderate RH – Residential High RMU – Residential Mixed Use OMU – Office Mixed Use CN – Neighborhood Commercial MRC – Mixed Residential Corridor GHD – Grandview Historic District

6 General Regulation Highlights

7 Access Access on principal & minor arterials: –100ft between driveways of same project –Setbacks away from intersection if feasible: 150’ from minor arterial 250’ from major arterial –Limited driveway widths: 12’ for single family residence 24-30’ for non-single family development

8 Accessory Dwelling Units Allowed in all residential zoning districts Minimum lot size increased by 1500 sq ft Shall be no larger than 40% of primary residence, nor more than 800 sq ft. No more than 2 bedrooms No more than one per lot Primary or accessory unit owner-occupied At least 1 off-street parking space

9 All Residential Structures Placed on permanent foundation No less than 14 ft wide Garage fronts setback at least 5 ft from building face closest to public street (except alleys) & occupy no more than 50% of total wall surface facing the street

10 Cottage Housing Allowed in all residential zoning districts Density maximum of 2x underlying zone Minimum of 4 housing units per project Total floor area between 650 & 1200 sq ft Each unit shall have enclosed parking Minimum 400 sq ft of common open space per unit, centrally located Minimum 400 sq ft of private open space/unit Units have covered porch & entry facing common open space and public street

11 Duplexes Minimum lot size in RM = 10,000 sq ft Each dwelling unit shall have 2 parking spaces, one covered Single shared driveway unless have alley access or on a corner lot Architectural design standards to help compatibility with single family residences

12 Multi-family Development Open Space/Recreation: –Minimum area per unit type (1, 2, 3+ bedrooms) –Play areas in developments of 4 or more Parking w/in enclosed structure or behind or to the side of buildings Architectural Design standards Within 25 ft of RS, RL, RM district max. height = 30ft unless additional story is stepped back 10 ft from lower floor

13 Pedestrian Connections Access from adjacent public streets to development shall be provided Internal sidewalk/pathway within & thru site, including from parking areas to primary building entrances Not required for single-family & duplexes unless part of bigger development

14 Slope Protection Development shall minimize cuts & fills. Graded/filled slopes limited to 2 to 1 slope or less Benching or terracing to provide larger building site is prohibited Exposed cut slopes greater than 7 ft high shall be terraced, w/ each section no taller than 5 ft Exposed slopes & erosion hazard areas shall be landscaped or re-vegetated

15 Planned Developments Allowed in all zoning districts Exempt from minimum requirements of underlying zoning district except for: –Maximum densities (unless meet bonus criteria) –Setbacks along exterior project boundaries –Lot coverage –Permitted uses –Off-street parking requirements Multifamily units limited to 50% of total housing units in RS & RL zoning districts

16 PD Bonus Density Criteria Maximum bonus potential = 50% Preservation of natural open space, historic, cultural features = up to 10% Public Facilities = up to 10% Stormwater w/ usable recreation area = up to 5% Transit facilities = up to 5% Daycare facility = 5% Affordable housing: –Rental units = 50% density bonus w/ 50% affordable units –Ownership units = up to 50% bonus w/ 30% affordable 25% bonus w/ 15% affordable 5% bonus w/ 5% affordable

17 MRC overlay Uses: same as underlying + –Neighborhood Mixed Use –Multifamily Dwellings Standards: –Shared driveway = 10% density bonus –Buildings oriented to street –Pedestrian-scaled lighting –Maximum height increased by 1 story with parking as part of building

18 Neighborhood Mixed Use MRC – Conditional Use Potential commercial uses: –Offices, child care, food store, studios for group instruction, bookstore, restaurant w/o drive thru, other neighborhood-oriented retail (?) Non-residential space max. 50% of total sq ft No space greater than 20,000 sq ft Ground floor 30% transparent Pedestrian-oriented between building & street Architectural design & open space standards

19 Neighborhood Commercial CN Overlay Apply for CN zoning designation Public process (eg. PD, Subdivision) Standards: –Maximum setback 5’ unless pedestrian oriented space –Max. height increased by 1 story for residential use only –Architectural Design Standards

20 Questions??

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