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IHE Cardiology Cardic Cath Y2 T. Dolan/H. Solomon 2/16/2005 v3.

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1 IHE Cardiology Cardic Cath Y2 T. Dolan/H. Solomon 2/16/2005 v3

2 IHE Cardiology Page 2 Cardic Cath workflow Y2 Problem Statement aims to address the complete cardiac cath episode of care (see fig below) with the main theme being multi- source data collection and reconciliation: before, during, and after the procedure. Key contributions are coded procedure logging data, signing physician, incorporation of non-dicom data, staff reconciliation, and report formatting and distribution. Diagnostic Procedure Post- Procedure Events End of Episode Event Long-Term Follow-Up Intervention (optional) … Addressed in Year 1 Admission to Facility Pre- Procedure Evaluation Confirmed Report Amended Report (optional) Export to Registry (optional)

3 IHE Cardiology Page 3 Tech committee analysis Jan/Feb 2005 Coded procedure logging data no industry-established coding for equipment/drugs IHE can use Could use DICOM template for time-stamped logging, but this would be text-only for e.g. JCAHO tech/nursing notes Conclusion – we cannot meet the NCDR-reporting with current standards. This is not addressed in Year 2 Signing physician Can specify this in report templates Signing physician is not special to cardiology The ITI – Personnel White Pages profile could be adopted We will require physician identifier in report transaction [28] Incorporation on non-dicom data Needed to address ex-department report communication We have (march 2005) standards for encapsulating non-dicom docs Can be used to bring viewable-only data into lab/case

4 IHE Cardiology Page 4 Tech committee analysis Jan 18 2005 Report formatting and distribution – new profile proposed !!! IN-LAB –We can use DICOM SR for internal distribution – e.g. SR template for LVA/QCA –This will utilize the RAD Evidence Documents profile with NO modifications –We could also potentially use the procedure log and hemo measurement templates/SOP-classes INTER-LAB/ –We can use the RAD Simple Image and Numeric Report (SINR) profile with NO modifications –or Displayable Report Profile EX-Dept. –We use HL7 to transport: (Un)formatted text (with image references) PDF –We can use the RAD Simple Image and Numeric Report (SINR) profile with SOME modifications

5 IHE Cardiology Page 5 RAD evidence document We recommend the following templates: LVA/QCA Comprehensive echo report Optional – hemo measurements & procedure log

6 IHE Cardiology Page 6 RAD SINR Cardiology recommends: Modifying RAD 28 to deal with PDF Replace External Repository Access with RID info source Group report creator/manager for Cardiology summary reports

7 IHE Cardiology Page 7 Feb 16 presentation in here…..

8 IHE Cardiology Page 8 Legacy/untouched stuff - ignore

9 IHE Cardiology Page 9 CARD - Evidence creation and Report distribution Query Images [Rad-14] Retrieve Images [Card-4] Evidence Display Modality Image/Evidence Stored [Card-2] Storage Acquisition Modality /Evidence Creator Image Manager Image Archive Dept.Report Creator/Manager Enterprise Report Repository Info Source HL7 ORU {PDF/CDA/ASCII) DSS/ Order Filler HL7 ORM {study UID) HL7 ORU {status) RID transactions CARD X based on RAD 28

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