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Click on a category Plants Animals Cartoons Click on a cartoon category Peopl e Back to the start.

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2 Click on a category Plants Animals Cartoons

3 Click on a cartoon category Peopl e Back to the start

4 Pick an animal category Dogs Cat Rabbit Bird Gorillas Octopus Pig Back to the start

5 Click on a plant Rose Daffodil Back to the start

6 Click on a Rose Back to the start

7 1)Draw a circle on the end of a crooked stick. 2)Add leaves. 3)Draw The out-side petals and rub out the circle. 4)Draw a rolled up piece of paper in the middle. 5)Add in extra detail like the back petals and some side petals 6)Then all that’s left to do is colour in! Back to the start

8 Click on a gorilla Back to the start

9 1)Draw a thumb shape with-out the nail. 2)Draw 2 circles pointing inward and two feet at the bottom. 3)Draw arms and hands. 4)Draw the ears. 5)Draw around the eyes and add on an extra oval at the bottom. 6)Draw a nose and mouth Back to the start

10 Click on a dog Back to the start

11 1)Draw a long bean shape. 2)Add two ears shapes, a mouth shape a main shape and a line for the tail. 3)Add some details and make the tail thicker. 4)Put in some fur lines and the mouth. 5)Finish it off by putting in the nose, some paws, and a tuft of hair on his head Back to the start

12 Click on a person Back to the start

13 1)Draw an oval. 2)Draw a trapezium under the head. 3)Draw two ovals for the feet. 4)Draw the facial features including ears. 5)Draw hair, hands and a nappy. 6)Colour it in. Back to the start

14 Click on an octopus Back to the start

15 Back to the start

16 Click on a rabbit Back to the start

17 Follow>> these>> steps>> Back to the start

18 Click on a cat Back to the start

19 Follow>> these>> steps>> Back to the start

20 Click on a bird Back to the start

21 1) Sketch a small circle and an oval and place them like below. 2) Now sketch a triangular shape on top of the oval creating a guide for the birds wings. And also sketch in a rectangular shape for the tail. 3) Now that we have our basic layout down add some legs and start to add detail. 4) Once your happy with the way your bird looks draw around him in a darker tone and erase all unwanted lines. 5) Add colour!!! Back to the start

22 Click on a pig Back to the start

23 1)First, you’ll need to draw a bean shape for the body, then add an oval, for the head, with a little lump where the chin should be. 2)Now we need to draw a couple of legs for your pig, so just sketch two short rounded rectangles for that and another one for the snout, then draw a squiggly shape for the tail. 3)As our pig must have four legs, you’ll draw two more rounded rectangles on the near side. Now sketch the ears and a mouth as shown bellow. 4)Draw some hoofs shapes at the end of the legs, adding whatever shape you think fit for detail. To give our cartoon pig friend some personality, draw his eyes and nostrils as ovals, sketch the snout and add some curved lines for hair, cheeks, ears, tail and eyebrows Back to the start

24 Click on a daffodil Back to the start

25 1) Sketch an oval with a line through the centre. 2) Now draw another oval where there is a cross (letter ‘t’) at the top. Draw a ‘u’ like shape under the oval so the oval and ‘u’ form a cup shape. 3) Now start drawing the daffodil flower’s petals around the first oval that you drew in step 1. 4) Now drawing the rest of the petals, and draw a stem. Also make the middle ‘cup’ portion have a wavy top. You might also consider shadowing the flower. Back to the start

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