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Patient Care Device Interoperability Standards

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1 Patient Care Device Interoperability Standards
IHE-PCD Patient Care Device Interoperability Standards

2 State of open standards-based medical device connectivity?
Nonexistent! Proprietary Interfaces + Partnerships = Security for vendors Limitations & expense for providers & patients A business issue – not a lack of technology

3 What has blocked implementation of medical device interoperability?
Incomplete standards … but no longer the case! Uncoordinated & inconsistent demand from providers and other user stakeholders Undefined stakeholder value propositions Resources – esp. of standardization efforts Infrastructure is a hard sell (who benefits?!) A business issue – not a lack of technology

4 Enterprise Integration
(HL7, DICOM, X12,…X73) Dialysis Machine Vital Signs Monitor LAB Vent Pharmacy CIS Pulse Ox Infusion Pumps Device Data Manager Gateway PACS PoC Integration (X73) HIS Multi-vendor environment Requires both semantic & technical interoperability

5 IHE Patient Care Devices Domain
ISO TC215 WG7 Single set of Internationally Harmonized Medical Device Informatics & Interoperability Standards IEEE EMBS 1073 CEN TC251 WGIV HL7 DEV SIG

6 ISO/IEEE purpose: Provide real-time plug-and-play interoperability for patient-connected medical devices and Facilitate the efficient exchange of vital signs and medical device data, acquired at the point-of-care, in all health care environments …leveraging off-the-shelf technologies, scaling across a wide range of system complexities, and supporting commercially viable implementations.

7 Core set of standards in place…
Nomenclature / Terminology Information model Application Profile – Base Std. Transport Profile: Cabled Transport Profile: IR wireless Together these support connector-to-content interfaces!


9 Pending IEEE projects (PARs) …
– Recommended Practice – Profile template – Nomenclature - Virtual attributes – Application profile - Clinical context management (CCoM) – Inter-LAN (vLAN, IP, medical session, QoS, security, UDP, TCP, multicast discovery, addressing characters) – RF wireless – Framework & Overview – RF wireless – Local area network (wLAN) – RF wireless – Wide area (mobile phone) network (wWAN)

10 Current activities include…
HL7 (v2.x) Observation Reporting Interface Gateway RF Wireless transports Profile templates Application profiles (incl. external control) Annotated ECG & IDC (pacemaker) terminologies Dialysis device specializations (incl. treatment summary reports) Conformance testing tools Operating Room of the Future Plug-n-Play Initiative

11 IHE PCD will… Define open standards-based implementation profiles
Drive further standardization efforts Enable realization of PCD value propositions!

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