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IHE Patient Care Devices Highlights August 31, 2007.

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1 IHE Patient Care Devices Highlights August 31, 2007

2 PCD HIMSS Showcase Scenario Welch Allyn Connex TM DataManagementSystem Vital Signs Monitor GEAwareGateway Patient Monitor, Ventilator PhilipsIntellivueInformationCenter Patient Monitor, Ventilator Emergency CareIntensive Care LiveDataOR-DashBoardGE Centricity ® Periop Anesthesia Draeger Innovian ® Solution Suite Patient Monitor, Anesthesia Sys B. Braun DoseTrac TM InfusionManagementSoftware Infusion Devices Perioperative Care Philips Intellivue Clinical InformationPortfolio

3 IHE PCD 2007 Interoperability Showcase Demonstration

4 2007 Interoperability Showcase


6 Survey By HIMSS Analytics The next two slides are from a survey conducted for the PCD by HIMSS

7 Demographics: User Organization Types 77 Hospital Based Respondents* *26 of the 103 Non-Vendor Respondents do not work in hospitals

8 Survey Question: With respect to Medical Devices, how important is it for the following devices to become integrated under the IHE? = Users= Vendors Percent of respondents that consider it important

9 Device Enterprise Communication Profile – 2006-7 Provides the ability of a device to send physiological data directly, or through a gateway. Sampled data from continuous parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2) or intermittent parameters such as NIBP are included.

10 Subscribe to Patient Data 2007 An optional publish/ subscribe mechanism for applications to negotiate which PCD messages are communicated to a given application based on negotiated predicates (i.e., filter by patient, parameter or certain other characteristics)

11 Patient Identity Binding 2007 Automates the entry of patient identification to Patient Care Device systems, providing the potential for improving throughput, reducing errors, and increasing safety and increasing device and drug effectiveness.

12 Roadmap for 2008 and Beyond

13 PCD Contacts PCD CoChairs: – Todd Cooper - – Jack Harrington - – Ray Zambuto - PCD Technical Project Manager: – Manny Furst - IHE (International) Strategic Development Committee CoChair – Elliot Sloane -

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