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Unit 2 This is my sister. Section B Period 2 (2a-Self Check)

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1 Unit 2 This is my sister. Section B Period 2 (2a-Self Check)

2 My family grandmother grandfather grandmother aunt uncle father mother I brother cousin daughter son mom mum dad grandmagrandpa

3 New Words here adv. of prep. photo n. next adj.& n. picture n. girl n. dog n. 就这里;在这里 属于;关于 照片 下一个;接下来 照片;图画 女孩 狗

4 2a. Find the male and female first names in this unit and write them. Jiang Tao Tom BobJack Alan Eric JohnPaul Bill Dale Cindy Mary Linda JennyJane Kate Helen Sally Li Lan Jiang Shan

5 2b Read about Jenny’s family and circle the names. What are these? They are two nice photos. Who’re in the first photo? Maybe/ I think… Who are these two girls? Who else (其他什么人) are in the next photo? the first photo = picture

6 My Family Hi, I’m Jenny. Here are two nice photos of my family. My grandfather and my grandmother are in the first photo. These are my parents, Alan and Mary. In the next picture are my brothers, Bob and Eric. These two girls are my sister: Cindy and my cousin Helen. Coco is in my family, too.

7 2c Read the passage again and complete the sentences. 1.My name is _______________________. 2.Alan and Mary are my _________________. 3.Bob and Eric are my __________________. 4.Cindy is my _____________________. 5.Helen is my _____________________. 6._________________ is the name of my dog. Jenny parents brothers sister cousin Coco

8 3a Complete the passage with the words in the box. Then draw a picture of Paul’s family. brothers parents Cindy family Hi. My name is Paul. This is a photo of my __________. These are my ___________ and these are my ________, John and Bob. This is my sister_________. family parents brothers Cindy This is my family photo.

9 3b Bring a family photo to class and write about it. Then tell a classmate about your family. Hi. I am__________. Here is a photo of my family. These are_______________ _________________ _________________.

10 1. Group the words for family members you have learned. Male Both Female father parents dad grandfather grandpa uncle brother son grandparents cousin mothermom grandmother grandma aunt sister daughter

11 2. Complete the conversation. Bill: Here’s a photo of my family. Dale: __________ he? Bill: ________ my uncle. Dale: _________ this girl? Bill: ____________ my cousin. Dale: Are ___________ your parents? Bill: Yes, ________ are. And these ________ my grandparents. He’s Who’s She’s these / those they are


13 Write about your family.

14 根据句意, 用适当的代词填空。 1. —What color is your pen? —______ is blue. 2. —Who is the boy? —_______ is Alan. 3. —What’s the girl’s name? —______ name is Cindy. 4. The girl isn’t Alice. _____ is Anna. It He Her She

15 5. —What’s Jack’s last name? —_______ last name is Smith. 6. —Is that ______ key? —No, it isn’t. My key is here. 7. —Are ______ OK? —Yes, I am. 8. Call _______, please. My phone number is 230-9124. His your you me

16 根据句意, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填 空。 1. That _______ (be) my aunt. 2. ______ (this) are your books. 3. Bob and Mike are my _______ (friend). 4. ______ (that) are my notebooks. 5. They are her _______ (ruler). is These friends Those rulers

17 按要求完成句子。 1. She is my aunt.( 改为一般疑问句 ) _________________________ 2. Is this your grandmother?( 作肯定回答 ) _________________________ Is she your aunt? Yes, he is.

18 3. Is Tony your friend?( 作否定回答 ) _________________________ 4. This is an orange. ( 改为复数句 ) _________________________ 5. Those are my pens.( 改为单数句 ) _________________________ No, he isn’t. These are oranges. That is my pen.

19 根据汉语意思补全英文句子, 每空一词。 1. 那是你的姑姑吗? ______ _____ your aunt? 2. 谢谢你的字典。 _______ ______ your dictionary. Is that Thanks for

20 3. 我的身份证在这里。 _______ _______ my ID card. 4. 这些是我的祖父母。 ______ _______ my ______________. 5. 这是我的全家福。 This is a photo _______ ______ _______. Here is These are grandparents of my family

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