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Draw!Act It!Think! Talk it Out! True or False? 10 20 30 40 50.

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2 Draw!Act It!Think! Talk it Out! True or False? 10 20 30 40 50

3 Draw! – 10 pts. Draw your family.

4 Draw! – 20 pts. Draw how you first felt when your parents told you they were splitting up.

5 Draw! – 30 pts. Draw 3 things you like to do with your mom.

6 Draw! – 40 pts. Natalie’s mom says mean things about her dad all the time, but Natalie really loves her dad. Draw what should she could do to tell her mom how she feels.

7 Draw! – 50 pts. Maddie just found out she is moving. Draw 2 feelings she might be experiencing.

8 Act It! – 10 pts. Sam fights with his step-mom because he feels that she treats his step-brother better than him. Act out what you would do.

9 Act It! – 20 pts. Suzy doesn’t get along well with her stepsisters, but doesn’t think her mom and stepdad will listen to her. Act out what she could do.

10 Act It! – 30 pts. Act out what happened when you found out your parents were splitting up.

11 Act It! – 40 pts. Lauren’s stepfather wants her to call him “Dad,” but she doesn’t want to. Act out what she could do.

12 Act It! – 50 pts. Jamie’s dad just got a new girlfriend and she feels upset. What should she do? Act out what she could say to her dad.

13 Think! – 10 pts. Why do you think people get divorced?

14 Think! – 20 pts. If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?

15 Think! – 30 pts. How do you think your parents felt after they decided to get a divorce?

16 Think! – 40 pts. FREE POINTS!

17 Think! – 50 pts. What does custody mean?

18 Talk it Out! – 10 pts. Who are 3 people you could talk to if you were upset about things happening with your family?

19 Talk it Out! – 20 pts. You’re very upset at school one day about your parents’ divorce. A friend asks you what’s wrong. What could you say to them?

20 Talk it Out! – 30 pts. Your mom just told you that you have to move. You should: a) yell and refuse to leave b) tell her how you feel about moving c) keep your feelings to yourself

21 Talk it Out! – 40 pts. Talk about a time when you felt like you were put in the middle of your parents’ fight.

22 Talk it Out! – 50 pts. If you dad keeps complaining about your mom’s new boyfriend, you should say: a) “He’s nicer than you.” b) “I hate him,” even if you don’t. c) “I don’t feel right talking about this.”

23 True or False? – 10 pts. TRUE or FALSE? When parents split up, it is because they don’t love their kids anymore.

24 True or False? – 20 pts. TRUE or FALSE? A divorce means that 2 people will no longer be married to each other.

25 True or False? – 30 pts. TRUE or FALSE? Sometimes when parents get a divorce, one kid will live with the mother and one will live with the father.

26 True or False? – 40 pts. TRUE or FALSE? Teachers don’t want to hear about problems kids are having at home. You should never tell a teacher about family things that are upsetting you.

27 True or False? – 50 pts. TRUE or FALSE? Around half of all marriages end in divorce.

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