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College application tutorial. The “Plan” section is intended to help you prepare for your college education. Here you will find information about the.

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1 college application tutorial

2 The “Plan” section is intended to help you prepare for your college education. Here you will find information about the individual colleges, a summary of program types, information specific to each type of applicant, financial planning resources, and a section designed to assist and inform your parents.

3 About The Colleges ☑ Ontario College Profiles ☑ Google Map of Colleges and Campuses ☑ Links to College Websites

4 Parents ☑ College and Campus Tour Info ☑ Links to Program Types ☑ College Costs and Financing Info

5 Program Types ☑ Certificates ☑ Diplomas ☑ Graduate Certificates ☑ Bachelor’s Degrees ☑ Co-op Placements ☑ Apprenticeships

6 ☑ Application Fees ☑ Application Deadlines ☑ Publications ☑ Admission Requirements ☑ Mature Student Info ☑ Prior Learning ☑ International Student Info Applicant Information

7 Money Matters ☑ Tuition Fees Summary ☑ Budgeting Advice ☑ Financial Assistance Info ☑ Bursaries and Grants ☑ Scholarships and Awards

8 The “Find” section is a college program search engine. It is designed to allow you to search through all of the programs offered by Ontario’s 28 publicly-funded colleges. You can compare different programs, sort your search results by various criteria, and save them to a wishlist until you are ready to apply.

9 Search for Programs Search Here

10 Search Results Sort Results

11 Expanded Search Results Refine Search Criteria

12 Compare Programs

13 Program Details College Website Link

14 Find A Program ☑ Search for Programs ☑ Compare Programs ☑ Save Program Choices to a Wishlist ☑ Print Program Choices

15 The “Apply” section is the gateway to our online application process. This is the area of our website where you will complete and submit your college application. We have also included some checklists for quick reference, along with some info about your transcripts and grades. Be sure to have your credit card ready!

16 Applicant Checklist

17 Apply! Click to Apply

18 Sign up for an account Sign Up Here

19 Create Basic Account This is NEW!

20 Sign In

21 Create Extended Account Validate Pre-populated Fields Enter Mailing Address

22 Click Apply to College Click to Apply

23 Select Application Cycle Please Note!

24 Complete Required Fields Please Note!

25 Identify Yourself Select This One

26 Complete Required Fields Enter OEN Number

27 Verify Details

28 Save your program choices Click to Add

29 Payment

30 Select Payment Type Select Payment Type

31 Enter Payment Info Enter Payment Info

32 Payment Verification

33 The “Confirm” section is where you will go to accept and confirm your offer of admission to college. You may receive more than one offer, but you can only accept a single offer at any given time. Don’t sweat it can change your acceptance at any time simply by logging back into your account.

34 Confirm

35 Accepting your Offer Click to Confirm

36 Sign In to your Account

37 Click Offers of Admission View Offers Here

38 Select Application Cycle Select Date Range

39 Review your Offer(s) Click to Accept

40 Accept an Offer Click to Verify

41 Review your Confirmed Offer

42 Check Back Later for Additional Offers

43 Frequently Asked Questions Question: What do I need to apply to college? Answer: OSSD (30 credits; 18 compulsory, 12 elective) 40 hours of volunteer work Successful completion of the literacy test or the OLC401 course

44 Frequently Asked Questions Question: How can I be accepted to college if I’m still finishing my diploma? Answer: The colleges will base their decisions on the 1st semester marks, and the mid-term marks of 2nd semester. They may also look at your Grade 11 marks. Your offer will likely be conditional upon the successful completion of your OSSD.

45 Frequently Asked Questions Question: Are there any important dates to keep in mind? Answer: February 1, 2008 - All applications received by this date will be given equal consideration. This is also the earliest admission offer date, and the earliest date an applicant may confirm an offer. May 1, 2008 - Deadline for the acceptance of an offer of admission. June 15, 2008 - Earliest tuition due date.

46 Frequently Asked Questions Question: If I have “U” or “M” courses, do they count as more? Answer: A select few colleges add 15%-20% for each course. Other colleges make no distinction between “C” and “U” level courses. Please consult with your Guidance Counselor for more information.

47 Frequently Asked Questions Question: What do I do about my transcripts? Answer: Students currently enrolled in high school do not have to send us their transcripts. Simply advise your guidance office that you will be applying to college, and they will send your grades directly to us.

48 Frequently Asked Questions Question: Will the colleges confirm that they have received my application? Answer: After November 30th, you may receive a verification from the colleges you have applied to. If you do not receive an application verification, please contact the colleges directly.

49 Frequently Asked Questions Question: What if I need help with my application? Answer: We can help you! Simply visit our website, type your question into the “Ask Us” search box, and click “GO”!

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