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September, 2005What IHE Delivers 1 Kevin ODonnell, Toshiba Medical Systems Co-chair IHE Radiology Planning Cmte IHE Radiology - 2006 Update.

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1 September, 2005What IHE Delivers 1 Kevin ODonnell, Toshiba Medical Systems Co-chair IHE Radiology Planning Cmte IHE Radiology - 2006 Update

2 2<<Outline>> Scope of the Domain, Sponsors Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography Domain Status Connectathon Results Connectathon Results Existing Profiles Existing Profiles Current Plan Plan for 2006 Plan for 2006 Review of New Profiles Review of New Profiles Use Case, Value/Benefit, Scope, Standards Use Case, Value/Benefit, Scope, Standards More Information How to join, Who to Contact, How to Contribute How to join, Who to Contact, How to Contribute How to Buy, Recap of Radiology Users Handbook How to Buy, Recap of Radiology Users Handbook

3 3 IHE Radiology Scope: Radiology including Nuclear Medicine, Mammography Modalities, RIS, PACS, Workstations, Displays, Printers Established 1998 (first IHE domain) Sponsor: RSNA

4 4 IHE Radiology - Achievements Now entering 8th year Robust Vendor Participation at Connectathons Over 200 IHE Integration Statements published IHE Profiles appearing in User Purchasing Processes Have addressed basic radiology workflows Acquisition, Post-Processing, Reporting, Teaching Files/Clinical Trials Have addressed imaging content handling Measurements, CAD Results, NM, Presentation States, Reports, Key Image Notes Have addressed distribution of imaging information on CDs, to EHRs, keeping Audit Trails

5 5 IHE Radiology - Profiles Patient Info. Recon- ciliation Access to Radiology Information Consistent Presentation of Images Audit Trail & Node Authentication - Radiology Option Evidence Docs Key Image Notes Simple Image & Numeric Reports Presentation of Grouped Procedures Post- Processing Workflow Reporting Workflow Charge Posting XDS for Imaging NM Image Scheduled Workflow Teaching Files & Clinical Trials Export Portable Data for Imaging

6 6 Connectathon - Jan 2006 North American Connectathon 2006 January 16-20, Oakbrook, IL 78 systems tested Radiology Profiles 5 IHE Domains Over 60 vendors, 150 systems, 350 engineers Japanese Connectathon 2006 January 30- February 3, Tokyo, Japan European Connectathon 2006 April 24-28, Barcelona, Spain

7 7 Radiology - Deployment Most implemented Profiles Scheduled Workflow Patient Information Reconciliation Consistent Presentation of Images Portable Data for Imaging

8 8 Scheduled Workflow Profile Registration Orders Placed Orders Filled Film Folder Image Manager & Archive Film Lightbox report Report Repository Diagnostic Workstation Modality acquisition in-progress acquisition completed images printed Acquisition Modality

9 9 How the image is prepared: How it appears later: Grayscale Calibration & Presentation State Original Image Window Level Flip Zoom Area Of Interest Annotate Transformations Are Lost Original Image Area Of Interest Prepared Image Original Image Consistent Presentation of Images

10 10 Media Creator Printer [Media Reader] Image Display [Media Reader] PACS [Media Importer] John Doe CD DICOM Data Web Data (Optional) DICOM PC Browser Web Data Required to cleanup Patient ID, Acc#, etc. Portable Data for Imaging

11 11 IHE Radiology Current Activities/Direction Facilitate deployment of IHE Profiles in the Market Users Handbook (2005 Edition) Additional Testing Tools Expand focus to integration and workflow spanning departments/enterprises/regions XDS-I Importation Workflow Expand support for specialties Address NM, Mammography and others Support Radiation Oncology Domain

12 12 IHE Radiology – Plan for 2006 Development Schedule:Development Schedule: New Profile Selection:Oct 2005New Profile Selection:Oct 2005 Issue Public Comment version: Feb 20 2006Issue Public Comment version: Feb 20 2006 Public Comment Due:Mar 20 2006Public Comment Due:Mar 20 2006 Issue Trial Implementation version: Apr 2006Issue Trial Implementation version: Apr 2006 IHE WorkshopJun 2006IHE WorkshopJun 2006 RSNA Demo: Nov 2006RSNA Demo: Nov 2006 IHE Connectathon: Jan 2007IHE Connectathon: Jan 2007 HIMSS Demo:Feb 2007HIMSS Demo:Feb 2007 New Profiles For 2006New Profiles For 2006 Image FusionImage Fusion Mammography ImageMammography Image Import Reconciliation WorkflowImport Reconciliation Workflow

13 13 Image Fusion Profile Use Case : Acquire images on one (hybrid) or more scanners Perform registration, prepare blending Display registered, fused images

14 14 Image Fusion Profile Mechanism : DICOM Spatial Registration Object DICOM Blending Presentation State Benefits : Standardize exchange of results while preserving innovation of algorithms Support mixed vendor solutions

15 15 Mammography Image Profile Use Case : Uniform acquisition and handling of Mammography Image data and Mammography CAD data

16 16 Mammography Image Profile Mechanism : DICOM Mammography, DX & CR Objects DICOM Mammography CAD SR Objects Informative Appendix on expected behavior Benefits : Ability to handle image sizing, positioning, air suppression, annotations, CAD results, etc. in a uniform way More consistency in special purpose workstations Availability of basic capabilities on general purpose displays and printers Better integration of CAD processing in the workflow Support mixed vendor solutions

17 17 Importation Reconciliation Workflow Profile Use Case : a) Acquisition is outsourced to a non-networked site b) Reading is outsourced to a non-networked site c) Historical imaging is received from patient or prior institution Data transferred on film or CD Receiving system reliably reconciles the new data with local identifiers and workflow

18 18 Importation Reconciliation Workflow Profile Mechanism : IHE Portable Data for Imaging DICOM Modality Worklist HL7 Demographics Feed Benefits : Imported Data (CDs, Films) integrates into local workflow as well as local data Support mixed vendor solutions

19 19 IHE Radiology Users Handbook Using IHE for purchasers, system integrators & users Real-world scenarios: acquiring a modality, RIS or PACS Selecting IHE Profiles; Making the Business Case Based on goals (e.g. reducing errors; increasing throughput) Identify Profiles that contribute to each goal Find products that support those Profiles Specify Profiles in an RFP Installing & Operating IHE Systems Leverage electronic workflows Install & Configure the systems Do Acceptance Testing Interface with non-IHE systems

20 20 Participating Vendors Implement IHE Profiles in your products Test your products at the IHE Connectathon Publish IHE Integration Statements Users Learn about the IHE Profiles Include specific IHE Profiles in your RFPs (The Purple CT Effect) IHE Process Review Draft Profiles during Public Comment phase Participate on Committees Radiology Planning Committee: Kevin ODonnell (Toshiba) Radiology Technical Committee: Cor Loef (Philips) Chris Carr (RSNA) –

21 21 IHE Website: Frequently Asked Questions User Handbooks & Introductory Materials Integration Profiles in Technical Frameworks: Cardiology Cardiology IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure Laboratory Laboratory Patient Care Coordination Patient Care Coordination Radiology Radiology Connectathon Results Vendor Product Integration Statement Links Participation in Committees & Connectathons

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