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NATE Recognized Training Provider 2014 Changes to NATE Training Administration.

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1 NATE Recognized Training Provider 2014 Changes to NATE Training Administration

2 Becoming a Recognized Training Provider (RTP) Become a RTP –Submit application for NATE review –If approved you will be notified by email –The email will contain instructions on how to create your myNATE login. Be listed as an instructor –You will have access to view an established RTP’s courses and have the ability to upload class rosters for those courses. –You would need an RTP administrator to associate your existing myNATE login with their RTP –If you do not have an existing myNATE login, you can register one going to the “First Time User?” tab on –You would not be able to register new courses as an instructor; only upload class rosters.

3 New Features for RTPs Registration of Individual Instructors to Submit Course Attendance Records Online –Instructors can now be added to your RTP organization. Once added, your instructors will have their own unique login to submit class rosters online so technicians can get course credit immediately. No paper attendance records required. Improved submission of courses –The process to submit courses will be simpler and easier than ever before by simply entering a course description and selecting the relevant specialties. Upon review, an email notification will be sent notifying the training provider contact of the status.

4 New Features for RTPs Improved listing of courses –Courses will be viewable in a consolidated list that can be filtered by all fields including status. Individual Courses can then be viewed through a detail pop-up. Payment for Courses Via Credit Card –In the Castle Worldwide system, NATE RTPs will now have the convenience of paying for course registrations using a credit card.

5 Submitting a New Course Login as a RTP Admin –Select the RTP tab –Select “Course Viewer” –Click “Add Training” –Complete the Title and Description fields Free fields to complete as you choose –Skip Credit Measurement Unit, as CEHs are the only unit NATE uses. –Select the training type (Course, Seminar, Conference) “Course” is the default

6 Submitting a New Course Select the relevant specialties and the number of hours for each specialty –Click each relevant specialty, then click the right arrow –Selected specialties will move over to the Associated Specialties and Units –Specify the number of hours to apply to each specialty in the box to the right

7 Submitting a New Course The last part is the payment for the course Registration fee is $95 per course; registration lasts for two years Two ways to pay for course registration –Pay immediately by credit card –Invoiced by NATE by selecting the Pay by purchase order If you do not use purchase orders you can set the PO# as “N/A or none”


9 Submitting a Roster Choose “Submitted Course Hours” link Click “Download Empty Roster Template for Uploads” link to download the class roster template excel file Add for each technician: –First name –Last name –NATE ID Click “Upload Roster” button on either the Submitted Course Hours (RTP Admin) or Training Tab (Instructors)

10 Submitting a Roster Select which course you want to upload a roster for from the drop down menu, then enter –Start Date –End Date –Location Upload completed excel file Verify on next screen that the NATE IDs match the names in our system and confirm and upload the roster. As soon as the roster is uploaded, the hours will be added to the technicians’ record.


12 Questions? Contact NATE at 877-420-6283 or at

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