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Legislative Branch Crown Governor General House of Commons

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1 Legislative Branch Crown Governor General House of Commons
House of Senate House of Senate

2 What is the purpose of the legislative branch of government??
MAKE LAWS Not all laws are criminal laws……….. This is where the “parle” in parliament comes

3 The elected representatives from each of the 308 constituencies across Canada come to take their seats in the House of Commons They meet at least once a year to debate issues they feel are important to Canadians They are referred to as Members of Parliament. An MP who is NOT selected as a cabinet minister is called a backbencher. The main job of the MP’s is to debate, study and vote on bills.

4 Role of the Member of Parliament
- Being a legislator - Being a voice of your constituents What is party solidarity?

5 Special Roles in Parliament
Speaker of the House Party Whip House Leader

6 Who forms the government???
Diagram “A” Diagram “B” NDP 5% 20% Conservative 20% Bloc Quebecois 45% Conservative 4% NDP 60% Liberal 16% Bloc Quebecois 30% Liberal

7 Fusion Powers Canada is said to have a fusion of powers because the executive is also part of the Legislative Branch The Prime Minister and cabinet ministers represent constituencies and can vote on laws

8 How do we get a Federal Government
General election is called Parties nominate candidates in each of the 308 constituencies Candidates campaign All eligible citizens can cast 1 vote for a candidate in their constituency Candidate with the most votes is proclaimed the Member of parliament for that constituency

9 The Senate of Canada

10 What is the Senate? The senate is an essential part of Parliament. It is the “Upper house” of Parliament and serves as the “sober second thought” of the legislative branch.

11 What does the Senate do? The senate helps make the laws that we live by. The Senate carefully examines bills to make certain they are the best they can be. Changes are suggested to improve them, and some bills may even be rejected. The Senate may also introduce bills, but that is mostly done in the House of Commons.

12 Who are Senators? Senators are men and women from all over Canada. They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and this variety of experiences gives them a better understanding of the people they are meant to represent and the problems that Parliament may try to resolve.

13 What is a day in the life of a Senator?
Senators are busy and on any given day they may: discuss and debate important issues in the Senate chamber meet with the people they represent work with office staff go to committee meetings submit bills to make laws answer reporters’ questions help people solve problems dealing with government give speeches represent Canada around the world Senators work on committees to investigate important issues including children’s rights, literacy, poverty and terrorism. They represent people whose rights may have been overlooked and give them a chance to have their concerns be heard.

14 What happens in the senate chamber?
The Senate Chamber is where senators meet when Parliament is in session. They gather to discuss committee reports, debate important issues and to pass laws. During question period, senators can ask the leader of the government in the Senate about how the country is being run. The Opening of Parliament, the Speech from the Throne and other important ceremonies take place in the Senate.

15 The Judicial Branch of Canada

16 What is the Judicial Branch?
The judicial branch includes Canada’s court system. The Supreme Court of Canada is the “highest” court in Canada. The judicial branch is separate from the other branches of government because it acts as a system of checks and balances on their powers. This is known as SEPARATION OF POWERS

17 What does the Judicial Branch do?
The Judicial Branch interprets and applies the laws that are made by the legislative branch. It is their job to make sure that no laws in Canada violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is also their job to make sure that the legislative branch doesn’t become too powerful and become a dictatorship.

18 Who becomes a Supreme Court Justice?
There are nine judges in the Supreme Court of Canada. They come from 4 regions of Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, and Maritimes) The judges are appointed by the PM and Cabinet, and they then go through a review committee of other MP’s. However, the PM still has the power to appoint a judge.

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