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Information Systems for Businesses Jack G. Zheng May 22 nd 2008 MIS Chapter 2.

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1 Information Systems for Businesses Jack G. Zheng May 22 nd 2008 MIS Chapter 2

2 2 Overview Operational/functional IS Cross functional/integrated systems Industry specific IS

3 3 Functional Information Systems

4 4 Cross-Functional Systems Source: OBrien Manage Information Systems, 8 th edition

5 5 Industry Specific Systems Each industry has its own unique characteristics: different types of information, users and tasks Travel: scheduling and reservation Logistics: shipment tracking Banking: financial account (checking, saving, credit, etc.) management, ATM, financial instrument processing Retail: inventory management Brokerage: trading platform Education: student and faculty management Hospital: patient monitoring, health informatics …

6 6 Supply Chain Management Supply chain (distribution chain) The flow of materials among organizations (to end consumers) Supply chain management (SCM) tracks inventory and information among business processes and across companies

7 7 SCM Systems SCM system is an IT system that supports supply chain management activities

8 8 Customer Relationship Management Customer relationship management A concept to provide better services to customer CRM manages the interaction with customers and better predict and satisfy customers needs CRM systems Using IT to gather and analyze customer information in order to understand their behaviors and needs Collecting and using customer information in processes like sales, service, marketing Keeping track of customers activities (purchasing, inquiry, asking for support, review) Knowing each customer based on the information in the database Analyzing customer data for personalization and customization

9 9 Major CRM Components Customer service and support Call center / online information center Self service Personalization Marketing One-to-one marketing / personal marketing Sales force automation (SFA) A means of increasing sales effectiveness and efficiency using technology to help automate, organize and track the sales process For example, contact management and sales monitoring

10 10 CRM System Infrastructure

11 11 CRM Challenges A complete, accurate and up-to-date customer information base Privacy issues (more in chapter 8) CRM system is not magic

12 12 Business Intelligence Business intelligence (BI) Knowledge, about your customers, your competitors, your business partners, your competitive environment, and your own internal operations Competitive intelligence Business intelligence focused on the external competitive environment

13 13 Collaboration Systems Collaboration system is designed specifically to improve the performance of teams by supporting the sharing and flow of information Figure 2.10 on page 88

14 14 Additional Resources Microsoft business and technology center BI Demo from Microsoft /demo/bi_storm.html /demo/bi_storm.html CRM Today

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