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BEA’s KLEMS Statistics: Measuring Outputs and Intermediate Inputs

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1 BEA’s KLEMS Statistics: Measuring Outputs and Intermediate Inputs
Brian C. Moyer World KLEMS Conference Harvard University August 19-20th, 2010

2 BEA’s Industry Accounts
Input-Output Accounts Benchmark Accounts Annual Accounts KLEMS Statistics GDP by Industry Statistics Travel and Tourism Satellite Account R&D Satellite Account

3 2010 Comprehensive Revision
Time-series annual I-O accounts, Incorporated 1997/2002 benchmark I-O accounts and 2009 NIPA revision Expanded annual data on business expenses by industry Improved measures of price change for the services sector

4 Measuring Output Industry and commodity output based on a variety of sources Economic Census data Census annual surveys (ASM, SAS, etc.) Trade association data Data from other government agencies Detailed commodity distributions retained from benchmark estimates; manufacturing detail updated annually Expanded Census data for the services sector

5 Measuring Intermediate Inputs
Benchmark estimates based on Census data (~70%) and other data sources Annual estimates based on input category controls Benchmark-year inputs extrapolated with output quantity change Detailed inputs “reflated” with appropriate input prices Annual controls applied to groups of inputs

6 Measuring Value Added Direct and indirect measures of value added by industry: VA = GO - II Direct measures based on compensation, taxes on production, and gross operating surplus from NIPA gross domestic income measures Gross operating surplus based on “quality-weighted” benchmark-year values; company-to-establishment adjustments applied

7 Balanced I-O Framework

8 BEA’s KLEMS Statistics
Consistent with BEA’s Annual I-O Accounts—“use” table decomposition of E, M, & S categories by 4-digit NAICS commodities Statistics available for Chained-type price and quantity indexes and contributions by industry

9 BEA’s KLEMS Statistics
Data for 2008

10 Purchased Services Disaggregation
Aggregation of digit commodities Utilities Telecomm Financial Rental & Leasing Outsourcing Other Services Domestic Imports

11 Purchased Services Shares

12 Industry production account
BEA/BLS work on aggregate production account Ongoing work to develop prototype industry-level production account: K & L services from BLS; E, M, & S from BEA Continued work to reconcile BEA/BLS industry output measures Longer term: KLEMS statistics available prior to 1998; industry production account available for earlier years

13 KLEMS Prices

14 Expanded Detail on Energy

15 Quarterly GDP by Industry
Transportation and Warehousing Industry

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