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1 Archaeology

2 Do Now What is archaeology, and what is the role of archaeology in understanding history?

3 Instructional Objectives
Students will be able to: 1. evaluate how and why archaeology is used to study history 2. examine artifacts and fossils in an archaeological dig

4 Archaeology The scientific study of past cultures based on artifacts and other evidence that people left behind Gives insight to past cultures with the use of past objects

5 Why we Study History TeacherTube - How We Know

6 Archaeologist Studies the past by using artifacts to discover clues to ancient civilizations and mysteries.

7 Fossils and Artifacts An archaeologist must know the difference between an artifact and a fossil.  Fossils are the remains of living things (plants, animals, people), not of things that were made. Artifacts are the remains of things that were made, not the remains of living things. 

8 Archaeological Site A "site" is a place archaeologists wish to explore. At the site, archaeologists literally dig, looking for the remains of an ancient civilization. That is why they call the site at which they are working a "dig". 

9 Tools of the Trade The tools they use are sometimes very simple. Tools can include trowels, brushes, spoons, dental picks, measuring tapes, saws, dustpans, and wheelbarrows.  Digging at a site is slow and careful work.

10 Archaeologists Draw Conclusions
Objects tell something about the people who lived in the past. Example – size of a stone spear can tell about the kind of game hunted Bears = heavy, large spear point

11 Why is all of this important?
What do you think???????????

12 Here are a few ideas Helps us understand who we are today, by knowing where we come from. Insights to how the ancient cultures worked and functioned, so we may apply this information to ourselves. Because it is fun to learn about.

13 Join Fred in exploring different
archaeological dig sites!


15 Let’s Go on an Archaeological Dig
Your goal is to use your tools to carefully uncover 6 fossils and artifacts at your dig site. On your worksheet, write down your findings and the conclusions your team came up with about your mysterious civilization.


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