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2 When harmful substances build up in the air it is called: ______________________________
Air should have ________, _________, and small amounts of argon, CO2, and water vapor

3 2 kinds of air pollution SMOG
PRIMARY – a pollutant put into the air by human activity Electrical production. Why?_________________ Industry Transportation SECONDARY – when primary pollutants mix with other pollutants or other things in the air (like_______ ________) to make new pollutants SMOG

4 SMOG sunlight affecting and mixing with air, exhaust and ozone
Hard to see Unhealthy to breathe

5 PRIMARY POLLUTANTS CO ______________ NOx _____________
SOx _____________ Particulate Matter VOCs____________

6 CO Odorless, colorless gas Sources- cars, industry
Interferes with the body’s ability to carry oxygen

7 Nox nitrongen oxide “brown” smog
Sources- burning fuels in cars, power plants, industry Can contribute to respiratory problems, cancer, ACID RAIN

8 Sox sulfur dioxide “gray” smog
Sources- burning fossil fuels, volcanic eruptions Contributes to ACID RAIN, secondary pollutants cause respiratory problems

9 VOCs Volatile means :vaporize (evaporate) into the air easily, and form toxic fumes Sources- burning fuels and off-gassing solvents (dry-cleaning) Contribute to SMOG, cause health problems, harm plants

10 Particulates Tiny bits of liquid or solid matter in the air
Sources- construction, forestry, fires, vehicles, household products Can cause respiratory problems, cancer, erode buildings

11 SECONDARY POLLUTANTS Wait a second…I thought we liked ozone?????
Ground level ozone Wait a second…I thought we liked ozone?????

12 Ozone in the Stratosphere Ozone in the troposphere
Helps protect the Earth from UV Rays Ozone in the troposphere Pollutant Causes respiratory problems- asthma, shortness of breath, permanent lung injury

13 Ozone Energy from _________________ causes primary pollutants (NOx and VOCs) to interact and to attack O2 Changes it to O3 Worse in summer/ winter? Worse in urban/ rural areas?

14 What can be done about air pollution?
Clean Air Act (1970, enhanced in 1990) Regulates vehicle emissions- catalytic converters Outlawed lead in gasoline 95% fewer emissions than 30 years ago Requires industry to clean and monitor emissions Scrubbers (electrostatic precipitators)-remove

15 What can be done about air pollution?
Emissions trading Companies can only pollute so much But can sell “extra” pollution rights

16 California’s Zero-emission vehicle program
Adopted in 1990 No tail-pipe emissions Hybrid cars Battery operated cars


18 What can make air pollution worse?
Temperature inversions Layers of HOT air on top of COLD air If colder air is on bottom, polluted air is trapped Examples: LA, Mexico City, Donora PA

19 Donora, PA 1948 at 12 noon Major employer was a zinc smelting factory – lots of air pollution Temperature inversion + smog + no wind 20 people died 7,000 ill from smog Spectators couldn’t see football players on field

20 Air Pollution and health
SHORT TERM Headache Nausea Eye and nose irritation Coughing Respiratory infections LONG TERM Emphysema Lung cancer Heart disease Lung damage

21 Indoor air pollution Sick building syndrome
Newer houses are so air tight that they _________________ pollutants inside/outside

22 Indoor air pollutants VOCs- Radon Asbestos Paints Cleaners
Dry cleaning Radon Gas from breakdown of uranium in underground rocks 2nd leading cause of cancer in U.S. Asbestos Insulation and Fire Retardant Causes asbestosis

23 Indoor air pollutants Moth balls Air fresheners Candles
Cigarettes/ pipes Unvented stoves/ heaters, fireplaces Dirty air conditioning ducts Paints Formaldehyde from new cabinets , furniture, rugs CO from faulty heaters

24 Other air pollution

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