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WOODFILL PARENT ORIENTATION 2011-2012 Mrs. Smith’s 5 th Grade.

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1 WOODFILL PARENT ORIENTATION 2011-2012 Mrs. Smith’s 5 th Grade

2 Welcome to the “New” Woodfill Building with a touch of the “Old”.

3 SUPPLIES  Please make sure you child has all of their supplies. This includes a pencil box.  Replace supplies if needed throughout the year.  Students will need to transport their supplies to Social Studies each day.

4 HOMEWORK  Homework will be given each night.  Woodfill Homework policy suggest that 5 th graders receive between 60-90 minutes.  All homework is due the following day of which it is assigned unless a specific date is given.  There will be several long term assignments.

5 CLASSROOM RESPONSIBILITY  Students caught being good or doing excellent work will earn stickers on a chart.  The student earning the most stickers in a quarter will receive a $5 Subway gift card.  The BLACK BOOK is the record keeping tool that we will use to keep track of inappropriate behaviors or homework infractions.  This year we will be focusing on gaining more responsibility and maintaining excellent behavior in all classes.  We want our 5 th graders to be setting a good example for all the younger students.  The theme for the year is going to be RESPECT!  We want our students to show RESPECT to everyone!

6 STUDENT PLANNERS  Student planners will need to be signed and checked each night.  Students will be recording all of their homework assignments in these planners  Feel free to use the planner as a communication tool.

7 COMMUNICATION  E-mail is a great way to start communication.  All topics should not be discussed via e-mail.  Face-to-face conferences will occur for major issues or concerns.  Voicemail is another way to start communication or to send a message.

8 GRADING POLICY AND SCALE  Grades will be determined based on an average of quizzes, test, projects, homework, and class participation.  Extra Credit is typically given once a quarter and sometimes bonus points will be awarded to specific assignments. 95-100A 85-94B 75-84C 70-74D Below 70U

9 READING  Reading-We will be using the Trophies series as well as class novel sets. Students will be tested on vocabulary and comprehension skills with each weekly story.  Independent Reading –Students will be completing several “book projects” throughout the year.  AR-Students will be encouraged to continue using this program to reach the 100 point club.

10 ENGLISH/WRITING  Fifth grade students will continue to work on a variety of writing pieces which will be part of their writing portfolio for the district.  Most final pieces will need to be typed and are expected to be proofread and polished.  On Demand Writing will continue to be a major focus in the 5 th grade.  We will be using the English/Grammar program that goes along with our Trophies Reading series as well as Daily Language Review.  Capitalization, punctuation, word usage, parts of speech, etc. will be assessed in a formal and informal manner throughout the year.

11 SPELLING  The 5 th grade spelling program goes along with the Trophies Reading program.  Students will receive a list of 20 words on Monday that are grouped together according to structural similarities and spelling patterns.  On Friday, students will be asked to spell these words correctly.  Some weeks, students will also be asked to learn the meanings of the words for their Friday assessment.

12 SCIENCE  All 5 th grade students will have Mrs. Smith for Science.  Throughout the year students will be studying: life, physical and earth science.  Specific units include: ecology and the environment, transfer of energy, motion and forces, and matter.  Students will also be completing a unit from the Sanitation District on Water Conservation.  Every 5 th grade student across the district will be expected to complete a Science Fair project.

13 MATH  Students in the 5 th grade will continue to use the Everyday Math program which is very “hands on”.  SRB-Student Reference Book-is the only “textbook” and it can be taken home each night to assist with homework.  Study Links and Journal-workbooks that students will be taking home and using in class on a daily basis.  Math Facts In A Flash-a computer program used to build on basic math facts mastery.  Students will have math homework on a daily basis.

14 SOCIAL STUDIES  Mrs. Hils will be teaching all 5 th grade students Social Studies.  Social Studies includes: Five Themes of Geography, First Americans/Native Americans, Exploration, Colonial Life, Government, Foundations of Freedom (Revolutionary War, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.), Westward Expansion, Cultures, Civil War, Economics, Kentucky History and Geography, and the 20 th Century!  5 th Grade Field Trip to Conner Prairie in the Spring of the year.

15 SPECIAL CLASSES  P.E. –Tuesday and Thursday with Matt Gessner  ART-Monday with Jennifer Flynn  Library-Wednesday with Susan Sousa  Music-Friday with David Rockel  Spanish-Tuesday with Silvia Timmerding  Successmaker-EVERYDAY

16  E-mail:  Phone: 859-825-2425 CONTACT INFORMATION

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