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WelcomeWelcome Ms. Gina Gagliano Hinsdale Central Mathematics Dept. Voic (630) 570-8430.

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1 WelcomeWelcome Ms. Gina Gagliano Hinsdale Central Mathematics Dept. E-mail: Voicemail: (630) 570-8430


3 Sign in Sheet Please sign and print your e-mail address on the circulating sheet.

4 About Me University of Illinois Grad Masters in Teaching of Math- DePaul 60 Plus hours beyond Masters 19 th year teaching (16 at HC) New Teacher/Mentor Coordinator Mother of 3 school age children

5 About Me Have taught remedial Freshman through Precalculus. Tutor one on one and in small groups for 16 years Presenter at State Math Conventions

6 Precalculus Topics Graph Transformations Linear Functions Complex Numbers Exponential Functions Logarithmic Functions Trigonometric Functions Trigonometric Identities Vectors ( a little ) Conic Sections Polar Equations Limits Intro to Calculus ( juniors only)

7 A Typical Class Period Start Class with a warm up activity and/or homework review Present new material –Try to engage kids more and talk less –Often use a lot of handouts as talking points/activities –Students often working in groups or pairs

8 A Typical Class Period Have students practice what has just been presented in class before leaving or discuss it Often use games to reinforce concepts Have students track errors made on quizzes and tests Goes from bell to bell

9 Materials Textbook Notebook w/pockets or 3-ring binder TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator

10 Classwork & Homework Homework assigned and due daily. Always read the assigned section first. Take notes daily in notebook and label them clearly

11 Classwork & Homework Homework is 15% of grade. Late homework is accepted for half credit up to the day of the chapter test. Homework is entered into parent portal on the days it is checked

12 Classwork & Homework Let me know in advance of planned absences. Get the phone number and e-mail address of one or more of classmates.

13 Quizzes & Tests Quizzes will be given occasionally (about 1 per week to week and a half) Quizzes will cover only small amounts of recent material (usually what we have covered within the last 5 school days). Usually 2 quizzes a chapter – always announced several days in advance

14 Quizzes & Tests Tests will typically take an entire period, and will cover whole chapters and the occasional review problem from an earlier chapter. Often there are 2 tests a chapter – one calculator/ one non-calculator

15 Quizzes & Tests Makeups of quizzes will take place with me either before or after school. Makeups of tests will take place during the times posted in the classroom at the beginning of the school year.

16 Expectations Come to class prepared Seek help when necessary Ask questions when you have them Be respectful of everyone in class Participate, it helps you and the class. No cell phones or I-Pods in class

17 Getting Help & Contacting Me I will be available before school, after school in room 101. To see me outside of this time, simply let me know, and we will make arrangements.

18 Grading Classwork/Participation5% Homework15% Quizzes, Tests, and Projects 80%

19 Ms. Gagliano Hinsdale Central – Room 101 Mathematics Department 2007-2008 Classroom Schedule Period 1 8:00-8:50 Preparation Period Period 2 8:55-9:45 Precalculus Period 3 9:50-10:40 Precalculus Period 4/5 10:45-11:40 Preparation Period Period 611:45-12:10 Lunch Period 7/8 12:15-1:10 New Teacher/Mentor Period 9 1:15-2:05 Algebra 1G Period 10 2:10-3:00 Precalculus

20 Contact Information Gina Gagliano EMAIL ADDRESS: VOICEMAIL: (630) 570-8430

21 Thank You for coming. I look forward to seeing you again at parent-teacher conferences in November. Have a wonderful evening Sincerely, Gina Gagliano

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