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Introduction to Programming Summer 2010 Akil M. Merchant.

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1 Introduction to Programming Summer 2010 Akil M. Merchant

2 Who Am I ? Instructor: Akil Merchant – You can call me Akil (a-keel) Email: Office hours: Send me an email or if required by appointment – If I don’t reply within 1 day, resend and complain Course website: –

3 Course Website Check the course website regularly – You will find all the slides used in this class Homework / Programming Assignments / Deadlines will be posted online Any other general announcements will be posted online

4 Course Objectives An introduction to computers and the art of programming Basic working knowledge of programming in C

5 Prerequisites None This course should get you started as a programmer. Develop an interest in problem solving

6 Textbooks Required : None Lots of online tutorials, forums available Books I will be roughly following : – “The C Programming Language”, Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie – “Let Us C”, Yashavant Kanetkar

7 Tentative Course Schedule Week 1 : Introduction to Computers Week 2 : Programming Concepts, Basics Week 3 onwards : Programming in C

8 Homework / Programming Assignments Expect about 4 to 5 individual programming assignments 1 every week Submit your source code by email by the deadline No final exam – you will be evaluated based on your participation in class and your homework No copying – there are tons of forums and places where you can get code on the internet, but..

9 Academic Integrity – No copying from anywhere – Don’t ask others for solutions and don’t give solutions to others. Dishonesty – Do not copy anything in this class – Try to get as much out of it as you can – Programming expertise comes only with experience

10 Accommodation for Disabilities – Register with and provide documentation to the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC). – Bring a letter to me from the SDRC indicating you need academic accommodations. This should be done within the first week of class

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