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Combining Engineering And New Technology

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1 Combining Engineering And New Technology
Pre-Installed User: Combining Engineering And New Technology Peter Hatcher, P.Eng. Fluor Canada Ltd. March 3, 2004

2 Engineering & New Technology
Opportunity Unbounded Conventional Wisdom

3 E P C Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)

4 EPC – Process Industry Process Industry – Design Engineering
Conservative Process Industry - Construction Proven Technologies Significant Capital Investments New Technology - NIMP!!!!

5 Engineering & New Technology
The essence of science: ask an impertinent question, and you are on the way to a pertinent answer Jacob Bronowski

6 Engineering & New Technology
Examples of Combining Engineering & Technology Material of Construction Fabrication Mechanical Integrity

7 Impertinent Question #1
Does Material of Construction exist that allows refining of following crude conditions??? High conventional corrosion rates naphthenic acid polythionic acid High operating temperatures sensitization of stainless steels

8 Material Selection Conventional Approach
Based on Code listed stainless steel materials: 321/347 v.g. resistance to sensitization poor resistance to naphthenic acid corrosion 316L/317L v.g. resistance to naphthenic acid corrosion poor resistance to sensitization Above options do not provide Owner the capability to handle potentially highly corrosive process streams with long term reliability.

9 Material Selection Selected Metallurgy Unlisted Material:

10 Strategy Corrosion Testing Mechanical Properties Formability
Weldability Aggressive Timeline / Complex Execution


12 Weld Metal

13 Larson-Miller Parameter

14 Answer # 1 16Cr11Ni2.5MoCb Resistance to naphthenic acid attack and sensitization Thin wall allows for optimal heat transfer and stress reduction Eliminate need for post weld heat treatment Eliminate requirement for soda ash wash during shut down

15 Impertinent Question #2
How can field pipe welding productivity be improved???

16 Welding Stainless Steel Piping
GMAW-S No Backing Gas (NBG)

17 History Fluor previously investigated welding of stainless steels without a backing gas using GTAW process Resulted in quality issues and the ability to reproduce acceptable Code welds

18 Process Optimization Optimized selected wire feed speeds
High silicon filler metals Shielding gas Welder training

19 NBG Stainless Steel Welding
Good appearance No NDE defects Good mechanical characteristics Good metallurgical structure Good Strauss Corrosion Test results Good Pitting Corrosion Test results Minimum oxidation on the ID

20 Weld Root With Backing Gas No Backing Gas

21 Answer #2 GMAW-s NBG Low repair rate
Eliminates backing gas requirement Welder friendly Significant cost savings over other processes

22 Impertinent Question #3
How can we ensure integrity of high pressure high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline???

23 Current Practices Visual exam Bent-strap test (ASTM D2657)
Poor correlation to weld quality for heavy wall Bent-strap test (ASTM D2657) Low probability of detection:

24 Current Practices (Continued…)
Traditional UT pulse-echo Ineffective for heavy wall Hydro testing Derived from metallic systems Viscoelastic plastics deformation depends on time and temperature does not ensure long-term performance

25 UT-TOFD Probes Fluor Ultrasonic Probes
Patents are pending on this technology and its application Probes Transducer Receiver Lateral Wave Back Wall Echo Upper Tip Lower Tip Outer Diameter; Outside wall Inner Diameter; Back wall Flaw Weld

26 Development Work Stage 1 - Laboratory Stage 2 - Field Investigation
Calibration blocks Double-blind test spools indications correlated to defects lack of fusion (LOF) identified Stage 2 - Field Investigation Operating pipeline, analysis of field welds Stage 3 - Correlation UT-TOFD vs. Destructive Testing Lab test spools Field welds

27 Accurate Defect Identification
Correlation Example Accurate Defect Identification Field Sample TOFD Scan

28 Development Work Completed
Summary of findings Visual examination poor correlation Backwall echo - lateral wave loss severe lack of fusion Multiple point reflectors non-fusion and poor fusion Foreign contamination easily detectable “Clear” UT-TOFD scan properly fused Lab Sample Bead Profile - High/Low

29 Answer #3 UT-TOFD Current Examination Practices
Not equipped to detect heavy wall flaws and faulty welds Limits thermoplastic: low pressure, non-critical New application for pipeline industry Leap in Quality of testing Plastics expansion into pipeline industry UT - TOFD Method Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction Reliable - quick - easy

30 Summary Engineering & New Technology
Combining Engineering & Technology 3 examples Conventional Approaches Not Necessarily Optimum Opportunities Abound

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