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Senior Night October 9, 2012 Jamie Zucker Counselor & CAP Advisor.

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1 Senior Night October 9, 2012 Jamie Zucker Counselor & CAP Advisor

2 High School Graduation Requirements 24 credits to graduate 4 Credits of English 4 Credits of Math 3 Credits of Science: Earth Space or Integrated, Biology & Chemistry 3 Credits of History: World History, American History, Government (0.5) & Economics (0.5) 1 Credit of Fine Art 1 Credit of Physical Education—must include Personal Fitness *** 2 Credits of a Foreign Language are not required, but recommended for most colleges & needed for Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

3 High School Graduation Requirements (con.) Minimum 2.0 GPA Earn a passing score on the Reading & Mathematics portion on the FCAT or a standardized test score that is concordant with the passing scores on the FCAT (SAT & ACT)—Reading 420 SAT or 18 ACT; MATH- 340 SAT or 15 ACT Community Service Hours---100 hours for Florida Academic Scholars ( Bright Futures); 75 hours for Florida Medallion

4 Deadlines The deadline means ALL information must be in- NO EXCEPTIONS!

5 Florida State School Priority Application Deadlines -Your Job to Know Deadlines Florida State University- October 15 th !!!!! University of Central Florida- November 1 st University of Florida- November 1 st Florida International University- December 1 st University of West Florida- January 1 st Florida Golf Coast University- February 15 th University of North Florida- November 16 th

6 EARLY DECISION, EARLY ACTION OR REGULAR DECISION??? Early decision—easier to get accepted but it is binding- you must attend and withdraw all other applications. DO NOT apply ED unless this is your dream school and you can afford the costs. Early Action-easier to get accepted than regular decision but not binding. DO NOT apply EA if you need senior grades to give you a boost from first semester Regular decision-later deadline-colleges will look at first semester grades from senior year. DO YOU NEED THE BOOST?

7 3 TYPES Of APPLICATIONS Public Schools Florida-apply on website if possible Common register-Use for all common app. Schools Public Schools outside Florida-website if possible You will need letters of recommendations for all common app schools- 2 teachers from junior year

8 WHOSE JOB IS IT? YOU------application and sending test scores ME-------transcript: use form and allow one week all other documentation Provide $1.00 and completed form for each transcript requested

9 FINANCIAL AID Students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for Financial Aid for all institutions FAFSA requires information about your family’s income and income taxes from the previous year, assets, family size, the number of members attending college and more. To maximize your chances of getting aid, submit the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1, 2013. You can list up to 10 different school codes, so different colleges will receive your information and generate an estimate for you

10 SCHOLARSHIPS Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements Credits needed:  4 English  3 Mathematics  3 Science  3 Social Science  2 World Language (sequential in the same language)  Florida Academic Scholar: Requires 3.5 weighted GPA, 100 community service hours, 1280 on SAT (Critical Reading & Math) or 28 on the ACT (excluding the writing section)  Florida Medallion Scholar: Requires 3.0 weighted GPA, 75 community service hours, 1020 on SAT (Critical Reading & Math) or 22 on the ACT (excluding the writing section)

11 Community Service Hours Requirement for all Seniors: 100 hours Must complete the Community Service Project Proposal Form including the essay and log or official letter from where you completed your hours DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! COLLEGES WILL SEE YOUR HOURS ON YOUR TRANSCRIPTS AND YOU WILL NEED YOUR HOURS FOR BRIGHT FUTURES

12 Jamie Zucker Counselor & CAP Advisor

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