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PREPARATORY ACTIVITIES Training Unit 6.2 Preparatory activities after the departure.

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1 PREPARATORY ACTIVITIES Training Unit 6.2 Preparatory activities after the departure

2 Preparatory activities Preparatory activities after the departure: the linguistic competences Are considered important for an effective learning and the building of an intercultural communication. the assessment of the preliminary linguistic competences, the development of these ones in the origin country and both support and linguistic consulting in the hosting country. The linguistic preparation for technical competences of the participants professional field, in order to make him/her take advantage of the mobility period as much as possible requires a greater emphasis on training.

3 Preparatory activities The quality involvement of the partnership underlines the necessity of guaranteeing this participation by turning to external subjects to the partnership too, that is, specialist provision of language courses – languages schools, culture institutes of foreign countries. Preliminary assessment related to the actual knowledge of the participants about the language in point. This preliminary assessment - made by test and interviews – is helpful to establish the structure of modules ad hoc. Professional fields as well as these ones linked to the personal development must be considered.

4 Preparatory activities Actions to be set up before the departure Actions of linguistic competences development set up pre-departure are predominantly executed by beneficiaries of IVT and PLM mobility, since it is about youths whose experience of mobility means a brief period of internship in an enterprise abroad. The linguistic preparation consists on developing a set of short duration linguistic modules relating to a professional field language to be used on the workplace, to be added to the base educational preparation.

5 Preparatory activities Actions to be set up after the departure The finality of these actions is about providing communication in competences for the integration into the labour market where the mobility experience is developed. Actions after the departure consider the primary role of the hosting organisations enterprises tutor to refine the linguistic competences linked to the particularities of the working context where the experience of transnational mobility is carried out. Thanks in part to the long tradition developed teaching foreign languages too, the linguistic learning path (in terms of contents, objectives and duration) should accomplish the certificate of the linguistic competences acquired.

6 Preparatory activities Content Specificities of the linguistic preparation. External providers. Linguistic competences certificate Actions to be made before the departure. Actions to be made after the departure.

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