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HOW TO CONSTRUCT A PARTNERSHIP Training Unit 3.1 The European Dimension.

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1 HOW TO CONSTRUCT A PARTNERSHIP Training Unit 3.1 The European Dimension

2 How to construct a partnership The European Dimension The European Commission has notably contributed to promoting conditions for a quicker and wider diffusion of the concept of European dimension, above all with regard to educative and training systems. The opening-up of systems capable of developing education and life-long learning to all European citizens throughout their lives. To the development of tans-national mobility in the field of education. The strengthening of co-operation among Member states for the creation of a European learning space.

3 How to construct a partnership European commission meetings expressly held (Copenhagen 2002, Maastricht 2004, Helsinki 2006) Community documents issued periodically by the Commission (education and learning 2010 in 2003, Maastricht official report in 2004, Helsinki report in 2006, Bordeaux report in 2008) Have gradually updated the European policy setting new priorities at a national and EU level in order to encourage the collaboration among States in the field of education and trans-national mobility.

4 How to construct a partnership 2006 Launch of the new Long Life learning promotes the trans-national co-operation between the education and learning systems and their exchange. By means of the trans-national mobility the LLL aims: at the development of the European citizenship through the knowledge of other social and cultural contexts.

5 How to construct a partnership LLP projects (mobility in particular) they aim at promoting an identity which is transversal to the different countries, valuable irrespective of the countries. This increases: the possible places and conditions in which to carry out the learning activity or the job; it implements an integration path which passes through the direct knowledge of economic, social and cultural conditions; it creates opportunities to work in European organisations and networks sharing ideas and knowledge.

6 How to construct a partnership In the creation of a mobility intervention, the trans- nationality is a condition that cannot be renounced for the project funding. The knowledge of the cultural features; the knowledge of life conditions and habits; the knowledge of the management modalities and arrangement of the labour markets. Enable to move in different contexts, but, at the same time, to keep firmly the importance and the validity of the context we belong to.

7 How to construct a partnership In developing the part concerning the European dimension of the mobility intervention, the project designer must have a series of cautions: first of all, he must avoid too general descriptions, which quote in a slavish way community reference papers; in the second instance, it must connect in a convincing way the European dimension to specific parts of the intervention proposed, like the didactic contents, the training contents, the evaluation methods of competences; finally, he must not be charmed passively by the key concepts such as inter.

8 How to construct a partnership Content Concept and significance of the European Dimension. The European Dimension and the concept of citizenship. The integration processes between European systems. The processes in the sector of education and training. The concept of transnationality.

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