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HOW TO CONSTRUCT A PARTNERSHIP Training Unit 3.5 The preparatory visits.

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1 HOW TO CONSTRUCT A PARTNERSHIP Training Unit 3.5 The preparatory visits

2 From the programming 2006-2013, both the Commission and the National Agencies offered the operators a new tool: the preparatory visits aimed at giving the possibility to meet institutions, organizations as well as experienced people for the prospective implementation of partnerships and the applications.

3 The preparatory visits The preparatory visits are conceived in order to promote the cooperation among the educational and vocational training operators. The visits may be activated for designing objectives, methodologies and future project results, specifying also each partners function, the profile and competences needed, the various steps of the expected activity.

4 The preparatory visits The National Agencies have provided for two ways in order to carry out the preparatory visits: the organization and the execution of a visit with a body or institution of another eligible country; the participation to one of the contact seminars organized periodically by one of the national Agencies to enable the potential partners to meet.

5 The preparatory visits The financing requests for the preparatory visits can be submitted by institutions entitled to apply for LLP. The requests may concern two mobility actions for each proposing organization at most. It is not possible to apply if the project has already been presented. the visit is not linked to a specific notice, nor to a specified expiry date, but it can be done at every time over the year, making use of the application form on the official website of the National Agency.

6 The preparatory visits The form requires information on some essential aspects of the application and, in particular: The clarification of the future action you ask the preparatory visit for ( or the participation to the contact seminar) and its evident connection to the sub- programme LLP chosen; The host organization where the visit or the identified contact seminar will take place; The clarification of the type of project you are going to produce and for which the preparatory visit is requested; Clues about the activities the preparatory visit is made up of; The clarification of the reason why you ask to take part in the contact seminar; The budget concerning the trip expenses, stay and sustenance, as well as the possible participation fee for the seminar.

7 The preparatory visits Content What are the visits within the LLP. Preparatory visits and contact seminars. The application form Funding modalities

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