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PREPARATORY ACTIVITIES Training Unit 6.1 Preparatory activities before the placement.

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1 PREPARATORY ACTIVITIES Training Unit 6.1 Preparatory activities before the placement

2 Preparatory activities The overall quality of a transnational mobility action and its full success are in great measure linked to the accuracy of the preparation concerning placement activities. Preparatory activities are evaluated by the respective National Agencies analysing candidatures as far as past periods is are concerned, expenses of preparatory activities are indicated in the proper item of the application form now, for VETPRO actions too, so operators are encouraged to use suitable methods and tools to transfer quality contents.

3 Preparatory activities Thematic fields of preparatory actions: linguistic, pedagogic, administrative, legal, personal, cultural and financial ones. These are the aims of activities mentioned above: to make the participant think about his/her expectancies, motivation, doubts. to transfer information of quality about national, cultural and professional backgrounds where the mobility will be developed; to show completely the training aims of the mobility; finally, to provide suitable linguistic skills to participants for coping with mobility experience successfully.

4 Preparatory activities Structural characteristics of preparatory actions: training objectives, contents and methods to be carried out are always identified; duration and characteristics of preparatory activities concerning the placement are always clarified; schedule of all preparatory activities must be defined; human resources have to be detected for different actions: teachers, trainers, tutors, psychologists, guidance professionals; logistic and organizational aspects have to be established; suitable didactic material has to be worked out. Therefore distinctions between preparatory actions that need an original contribution (e.g. actions related to the analysis of beneficiaries needs) and actions that can adopt training paths previously structured (e.g. linguistic background) must be made; to identify the role of each partner for preparatory actions; to provide a financial dimension to each action.

5 Preparatory activities IVT and PLM actions is concerned, addressed to young people, preparatory activities can expect room periods together with role playing, meetings with guidance professionals and psychologists, motivation actions. For adult users, as VETPRO actions, organising seminars seems to be the best option, considering that the target is composed by professionals.

6 Preparatory activities Information and Guidance function of preparatory activities All aspects related to the whole executive phases, to the duration and the organisation modalities have to be communicated clearly. the preparatory action has to own an evident guidance value and has to be carried out by the competition of guidance professionals. The guidance step of the preparatory action helps the participant to be aware of the opportunities of the action, by supporting him to understand how the mobility is a training investment.

7 Preparatory activities Cultural background and functions of preparatory activities Participants get information about the culture, the economy and the society of mobility hosting countries. Information also concerns any local context of the mobility that is enterprises where internship will be developed or organizations involved in the exchange. Cultural awareness helps encourage the respect for cultural diversity and the understanding of these differences, decreasing the risk of misunderstanding or misapprehension.

8 Preparatory activities Pedagogic and professional background function This function lets preparatory activities provide knowledge and competencies needed to participate fully in the hosting country mobility action. The choice is highly influenced by the target typology, since the young beneficiaries (IVT) demand social and cultural preparation mostly, whereas the available persons of the labour market (PLM) need to strengthen both technique and professional knowledge and skills to be used for their integration and to become aware of the added value of the transnational mobility.

9 Preparatory activities Contents Structural characteristics of preparatory action Differences among preparatory activities for IVT (Initial Vocational Training), PLM (People in the Labour Market), VETPRO (Professionals in Vocational Education and Training) activities. Guidance function. Cultural preparatory function. Pedagogic and professional preparatory function.

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